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It has been a while since I have posted anything new here, but like all major events in life – some deserve their own page in history.


CCP seriously? F. you!

I am not a fan of consoles but even I toyed with the idea of purchasing one to get my hands dirty on the ground with the troopers in Dust514 (pun intended).

With the announcement that CCP is now focusing on a PC-exclusive shooter, some serious questions are need to be raised and honestly answered, such as:

  1. The lack of consistency – In ANY direction
    Not even a year ago (2013-05-13 ! ) was the official release date of CCPs game Dust514 on an old but revered gaming system, the PS3. Some of us (myself included) wondered why they could not wait to release it on PS4 (which was already near the corner at that time), or at least announce it as a joint title for PS3 and PS4. This is within the technical possibilities of today’s IT equipment (just go and see EVE-Dust connection) even if code consistency would be hard to uphold at least they could market themselves as a truly cross-platform IP.So inconsistencies in a nutshell:
    – Releasing on a soon-to-be-phased-out rig
    – NOT Releasing on the next generation console of the same manufacturer
    – Branching off into a whole different area (PC Gaming) with a whole different title
  2. The lack of understanding the basics in PR and communications
    Really, why should anyone be surprised that the local store closes after delivering false promises day after day for a year? Handing out rotten or half-eaten fruit (Incarna), delivering late and only half-heartedly (“we will iterate on it later” sic! – 0.0 sov in Dominion) and then being off-put if the disgruntled customer shoves the whole basket right back in his face.I am honestly surprised why CCP has not closed down after 5 years of constant screw-ups. I guess I underestimate the lack of stupid (hope) in people nowadays.CCP has unfortunately a proven track record of broken promises and slow development of already existing features. The way that they announced this change on FanFest – Fanfest! Of all places! Where people would have loved to come to celebrate – really speaks volumes of CCPs lack of sensitivity. But hell it sure gives the perfect impro for the title, that has got to count something, right? Wrong!
  3. The “soon (TM)” attitude – time they really do NOT have
    This will come back to bite them sooner than anyone anticipates. The lacklustre development speed of new features and even slower speed at which old code is ironed out is a tell-tale sign of a company who has that perception of being the only real player on the market.RSI’s Star Citizen is well under way and with a whopping 44 MILLION $ already committed for the development.
    Elite Dangerous (the remastering of the DNA for EVE !)  is also looking good with 1,5 million £ already founded to the project. These projects have a not so outspoken target to deliver on the promises other space sims made but failed to deliver (EVE in particular). Just think about it: SC hangar mode (EVE walk in stations), EDs fighter cockpits (EVE Valkyre), etc.
  4. The neutered CSM and CPM
    Really, my heart bleeds for these people, but the matter of the fact still stays: some of them had to keep their mouths shut when they should have spoken out. In my opinion CPMs only viable action right now is to resign as a team. This is the only hope that may force CCP to backpedal to at least give a long-term support to Dust. Because the way I see it, right now, Dust is DEAD.




Hilarious (and also PAINFULLY accurate) skit of the current future of Dust



Fly safe – as long as we can.

DUST on wikipedia:
RSI’s funding goal page:



EVE is real – Real is EVE

As long as you read, there are always things to think about.

So when I have come across Ripard Teg‘s (Jester) latest blog post, it made me think. Go ahead, read it first because what I’ll be writing here is an extrapolation of my reply to that very same blog post.

What you are referring to, I actually call it "back in my day"-syndrome.
But it also has a psychological aspect of it: once an individual has spent some (i.e. considerable) time learning the tricks and perks of any social structure or infrastructure (just think about schools, workplace hierarchies; or operating systems, major version upgrades), they will become interested in its upkeep, in its status quo.
When change comes people will moan about it, because they perceive it as a loss. A loss or their hard-earned status. A status that they have worked for, sweat, bled and cried about.
The more time I am spending off the game the more I realise that this game does teach you a lot about life. Also that it resembles life in more ways than first thought of.

Eve is real but Real is EVE

Think about it:
I can really call it an equation of X million skill points = x years of real life.
The first 20-odd years you'll spend in a 'must' institution (school), learning the basic skills and then the not so basic ones too.

Then you go out at the age of 25 years or so (or 25m skill points), eager to change and to rule the world but you lack funding.

Then you get a little bit older (35 years = 35m skill points), you'll get your first car, your fist GF (Capital ship), field it, possibly use it, once... twice... thrice... :-)

After some years (around 50-60 years into = 50-60m skill points), you'll have paid the full mortgage back on your house (Supercapital). Field it, use it, but you'll be more cautious and you will probably not lose it.

Around the 80-90 years mark (80-90m skill points) - IF you survive for that long - you will have accumulated enough wealth to really just not care about anything any more. You'll settle in for some quiet life, away from the 'noisy' CTAs and wars. And eventually ... quit. Then after 100m skill points a character is pretty sound in any direction, at 200m, there are no new things to crave for.

And that – Gentlemen –  is a sad conclusion. Eve is a good game – it was for me for years. But when I just look at one episode of Star Trek: Voyager (namely: Season 2 – Episode 18, Deathwish), I cannot help but to see striking similarities.

Quinn: At the beginning of the new era, life as a Q was a constant dialogue of discovery and issues and humor from all over the universe. But look at them now, listen to their dialogue now.
Lieutenant Tuvok: I’m afraid I cannot hear any.
Quinn: Because it has all been said. Everyone has heard everything, seen everything; they haven’t had to speak to each other in ten millennia. There’s nothing left to say.

Fly safe.

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The problem with the future of EVE

I haven’t written anything EVE-related for a while now, and this can be attributed to the fact that


Or to be less of a drama-queen: I am not playing at the moment. I am still in the process of moving myself, my girlfriend, my dogs and my belongings to the new place that is half finished and therefore I am in no position to play. I let my accounts run out of game time and filled out the form that was sent by CCP, telling me “oh, why did you stop playing the game?” I tried to be as politically correct or at least as civil in my expressions as possible while answering the questions they threw at me. It was hard.

Yesterday Jester wrote a pretty grim future for EVE in his post . As unfortunate it is, I happen to agree with him. In fact I am going to write down something that will get me yelled at pretty heavily too:

Legalise character sales for money.

Yep, you read that right. Since 2011, I was pretty much just on and off of this game. The reasons for that can be done with the words “bittervet syndrome” but it really runs much deeper than that:

EVE became boring for me.

All those CTAs that could wind you up a year earlier were beginning to feel like nuisance. A mandatory effort and people posed hard threats if you were not willing to play the game THEY wanted YOU to play it. Like ousting out of a corporation that receives MY pay, that literary I pay for in bounties. Yadda-yadda. And every loss was now feeling less and less like a lesson that should be learned and more like a nuisance in the general scheme of things – this eventually led to me skipping CTAs entirely or not even logging on.
While old players sometimes point out to the Butterfly effect trailer and say that every player has an impact and that EVE is real, it is not. It is a game and therefore the entertaining value should be added to the equation too. Like Yahtzee said in his video about EVE-online all those years ago: “Either they’re all Bizzaro people who wear shoes on their heads or I’m underestimating the appeal of having a second job you have to pay for.” And really, my observations  about EVE come down to this:

  • It is a sandbox, that really is NOT a sandbox. After 10 years constantly going, there is a MIN-MAX approach to absolutely everything and if you are not following that, then you are a failure and should go out and shoot yourself (or at the very least uninstall the game) – according to EVE-pro’s whose life revolves around playing with pixels they do not own.
  • Partly due to the MIN-MAX approach there is only so much you can do in this game. Go there, shoot that, scoop this, haul that. Rinse and repeat – no wonder that people start to program friggin’ BOTs for everything – even I would do it if I had the time (and the interest) for it.
    I am going to quote Sir Ken Robinson here “if you FORCE people to do mundane, repetitive tasks (i.e. low-grade clerical work), don’t be surprised if they start for fidget.” And people in EVE aren’t stupid. At least most of them aren’t.
  • While there is a way to Pay to win in this game (PLEX, duh!), there is really no way to win for Pay. There really is no escape route from EVE. You PAY for game time, you INVEST your free time into the game and while some may try to argue that you are getting value back (i.e. FUN), the reality of the sad truth is that you are actually a biological robot, preforming repetitive tasks in the 23rd MILLENNIUM, that can be dealt with in the 21st CENTURY, using easy-to-program electronic programs. Really? Lost tech or something? How much fun is that?
  • I have stated before that the real joy of games in general and sandbox games in particular is the People-people interaction (PvP). And while people-environment (PvE) activities are a good lead to get you started you should be off the breast-milk as soon as possible and out there shooting others.

Long story short. The reason that I see while EVE rarely get’s pasts the 30k concurrent users is because that is the real amount of people interested in the game. No more. Having multiple accounts and running them simultaneously has nothing but a skewing effect on the stats – ever wondered WHY CCP always only releases the active subscription count and not the ACTUAL, unique player count (they have that metric – guess how they can track down bots and multiple account misuses)? I’d wager a fair amount of money that that number is more or less constant since January, 2009.

A lot of times I see the message that the problem is not the system, it is in your wiring somewhere. I hate to break it for your ego trying to self-justify your spending of free time: the problem is in the system. A sandbox that really is not a sandbox any more, a game I have to pay for, an in-game corporation that I pay (eve is real, huh?) to be part of. I loved EVE, I might still do. In fact I probably still love EVE (that is why I keep track of what is happening even though I am not active any more), but like a man burned one too many times I am troubled by the signs that I see.

But let me stop being depressing, let me try to amend the situation by adding some suggestions on how you could possibly revitalise the whole community:


  1. Do away with the jungle that is the plethora of items and reactions (and skills, Like I wrote here), thereby reducing the book-keeping part of the game so that players can focus on Player-Player interactions
  2. Make high sec even more noob-friendly while at the same time increase taxes and reduce resource to drive people out of it after a given level of advancements
  3. Make low sec more viable with a mix of intertwined PvE and PvP areas with missions for and against the major factions (+ Factional Warfare revamp)
  4. Make 0.0 scale inversely with the size of an alliance (read diminishing returns), in regards to territory and fleets
  5. Do away with the static distribution of moon and planetary materials and make them reappear elsewhere (in effect: strip mining a moon will render it barren for x amount of time)

This way the player itself will be in a constant state of flux. If you are a beginner -> your nurturing home is high sec, a place for commerce. If you want anything more (do lvl4 mission, produce Tech 2 items, receive faction items) -> go to low sec, a place for industry. If you want to make a difference -> head to 0.0 where you are challenged by a constantly changing landscape of resources and political front lines. If you want delve into resources inventions and logistics on a scale never seen elsewhere -> go to wormholes where space itself is in flux.

A constant flux of scarcity will drive conflicts forward, and this more than anything else will save the future of EVE


Jester’s blog post:

EVE butterfly effect trailer:

Fly safe!

As George Takei would say: Oh my! – Since when did I forgot to write about my new (old) TD? So yeah, I forgot to write about my current highest tier Tank Destroyer although I already maxed it and unlocked the JpII (and I am now on my way to unlock the Ferdinand as well – although I will probably go down the panther line. In games like this it is always the best to leave yourself with open options).

Tier 07 icon.pngJagdpanther

So what does this tank has to offer you?

First and foremost another crew slot so if you were as ‘shrewdly smug’ like me that you planned your approach but forgot to look at the crew compartment then you are now  just as porked as I was then. So another crew member that needs BiA as fast as possible – probably before the sun explodes. The front of the tank is basically one big slope which is good, but it is fairly thin which is bad. Either try to create some angles on it between shots or stay as far away as possible – but better do both at the same time! 🙂

So what can you fit on this piece of … actually pretty decent TD?

As with most TDs you can go two ways with this Tank Destroyer:

  • Either you go SNIPER! mode and utilize the 8,8 cm PaK 43 L/71 which has the best penetration (but has lower Alpha damage)
  • Or you can go MurderDeathKill! mode and pack up the 10,5 cm PaK 45 L/52. This way you will have lower damage per minute  but your first shot (Called Alpha) will hurt more and you lose only 1,5% of penetration (203 vs 200)

As you can see I went for the latter because with the 88mm you will have more difficulty in small and/or enclosed maps. The 105mm has better flexibility in this regard but pays for it in accuracy (and rate of fire of course).
With the 88mm I would opt for Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, and either Improved Ventilation or Tank Gun Rammer and also for the first skill Cammo all the way except for the Tank Commander which must acquire Sixth Sense as a default (there is just no way around it, that skill is probably the most useful of any skill currently in the game). This way you will have an accurate and long range sniper that is capable of punishing foes too far away to even detect it.
With the 105mm things change a little: since your accuracy is not the best any more (but far from being poor!) you will have to move a bit closer to the targets. In this configuration I would recommend you to switch the priorities of the equipment slots: Improved Ventilation, Tank Gun Rammer and for the third slot chose between Camouflage Net or Binocular Telescope. I went with the telescope because in my opinion  it is a better to have better eyesight than a better cloak – but you’ll be the judge on that. As for skills Sixth Sense, Dead Eye, Clutch Braking, Adrenaline Rush, Situational Awareness are a good bet but you could go BiA all the way for the first skill.

I hope that this helps!

Links and stuff:
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What if – Skill revamp (part two)

The reason why I published my old skill revamp post was partially because I have 6 more things on my draft board (duh!) and partially because CCP is finally at it – doing real work in skill maps.

And also because I found a nice post that fits in with my previous idea quite nicely so read these lines in this order:

  1. My old skill revamp post:
  2. CCP’ idea of a redo:
  3. This post: (wait, I’ll copy-paste it in here!)
Quote: tasman devil 

"I know I will be probably ignored but I just cannot let this go past without me saying my mind about it.The whole refurbishing of the skill groups sounds nice, but...
Let us have a look at what my problems with this reorganisation is:
 Electronic Systems
 Ship Modifications
 Are all related to ships and ship fitting one way or another.
 Plus PI has already its own group, but now they will be a part of another skill group –read: they just dump PI into another group while at the same time clearly stating that they want every one of those groups to have a ground of their own – sounds either hypocrite or not really thought out for me, you’ll be the judge on that! :P
So what SHOULD we do?
 If you dig deep, really deep down there are three core elements of the skill sets:
 1: Productions one way or another (production/invention/exploration, etc)
 2: Ship commands one way or another (pvp/pve)
 3: Character managements one way or another (implants, leadership, /corp/ally management, etc.)
 So how can we benefit from this? - By enabling sub-categories to emerge!
 It is really not a difficult thing but would enable to have a logical build-up of skills:
Spaceship Command ALL T1 ship command skills
 ├ Advanced Spaceship Command (Tech 2 ship command skills)
 ├ Armour Management (Armour skills)
 ├ Drone Management (Drone skills)
 ├ Electronic Systems Management (CPU skills)
 ├ Electronic Warfare Management (EW / Anti-EW skills)
 ├ Engineering Management (PG skills)
 ├ Gunnery Management (Gunnery skills)
 ├ Missiles Management (Missile skills)
 ├ Navigation Management (Navigation skills)
 ├ Shield Management (Shield skills)
 ├ Ship Modifications (Rigs and T3 subsystems skills)
Pilot Enhancement (Clone skills)
 ├ Corporation Management (Corporation stuff (NO POS!))
 ├ Neural Enhancement (Implants and boosters)
 ├ Leadership Enhancement (Leadership skills)
 ├ Social Relations (Social skills)
Science (Generic Science skills)
 ├ Production (Manufacturing skills)
 ├ Research (Invention, hacking, salvaging)
 ├ Planetary and Personal Production (PI and POS skills)
 ├ Resource Processing (Reprocess)
 ├ Resource Harvesting (Mining)
 ├ Trade Management (Trade skills)
I try to clear the dust a little:
Ship Commands: Everything related to ships (read: skills that affect ship properties when trained), basic command and module enabling skills go into here (odd one out for example: bubbles as they require anchoring which will be in Science in this new order)
Pilot Enhancements: Everything related to having a better performing character and cross-character relations. Implants, boosters, corporations skills, social standing. (read everything that affects the CHARACTER and/or the player – and the player relations)
Science: Here goes everything related to acquiring stuff. (read: building stuff, erecting stuff (POS, Station), mining stuff, looting stuff, trading stuff etc).

This idea of breaking up the traditions and going with sub-categories like we have in pretty much everything else in EVE pretty much nails it for me. This would be a logical, clear and intuitive alternative to the jungle we have today.

Because I believe that EVE is complex enough in and of itself, we do not need to make it unnecessarily complex in areas that are because EVE’s real complexity comes from player-player interaction and not  old legacy stuff that was and is in the game because ‘it was always like this’.

Fly safe!

Disclaimer: This post has been on the drawing board for a loooooong time, so I guess I'll 
just clean house now. Consider this wayback-machine, pre-sping cleaning 2012/06/14...
 and some more of this sort are on the way too.

With the DevBlog of rebalancing one ship at a time I had a bathroom idea last night:

Let’s rebalance the whole skill requirement-environment!

Right now a LOT of Tech 2 ships require exorbitant (in my opinion) amount of training, Heavy Interdictors and Command ships come into my mind as two stellar examples, just look at the Damnation:

Bloody hell!

I count no less than six (6) skills that have to be trained to LEVEL 5 in order to get into the bloody ship at the first place! Never mind piloting the damn thing!

Also the Tech 2 equipment requirements are pretty hard (anyone who wanted to train for Tech 2 large weapons will know what I mean), just take a look at the Tachyon Beam Laser II for reference and look at the large list of requirements.

So why is it like this? I mean: think about it, why train level 5 of any skill unless you want to maximise your potential?

With this question in my mind one clear goal emerges in front of my eyes: All Tech 2 items and advanced skills should have their requirements reduced to level 4.

This way, the layout would be simple, almost elegant. The barrier of entry would be lowered and people could get into ships faster than before (Bittervets crying? Shut up, its more meat for the grinder, isn’t it!?).

The overlaying theme then would mould into something like this:

  • Level 1: you know the skill, but you are a rookie (read Basic knowledge)
  • Level 2: you can now use most of the cheaper modules
  • Level 3: now we are getting somewhere (read Standard knowledge)
  • Level 4: you know your stuff (you are Advanced as you have train more than the average)
  • Level 5: you are adept (you are Elite if you will)

This should come across at the meta levels too:

  • Stuff that is meta level 2 or lower should have base requirements in skill: level 1
    -> No explanation needed I think, meta 0 stuff -> civilian stuff and therefore no skill is needed
  • Meta level 3 should need base skill level 2
    -> Meta 3 is a nice balance, between requirements and skills
  • Meta level 4 should have base skill level 3 needed
    -> you can basically fly and use every Tech 1 item, also Pirate/Faction ships and modules
  • Meta level 5 should have base skill level 4
    -> now you can use Tech 2 modules and ships
  • and consequently officer modules need base skill level5
    -> If you have the bucks to buy them you should have the skills to use them, period.

Certificates should mirror this change, by rearranging the basic, standard, advanced, elite for skill levels 1-3-4-5.

What would these changes enable?

This would enable a logical smooth sailing, instead of arbitraty WuT? and WeR? I mean:

EVE is a complex game in and of itself. And I love that. But the complexity of EVE does not need to be in the ‘book keeping’ section of the game (read: name convention, skills, etc.), it should be out there, between Player vs Player interaction.

Just my 2 cents.




Fly safe, as always!

Girls und Panzer

Hi There!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something up here, isn’t it?

Well it ain’t gonna’ change much sooner – but I am working on a solution, believe me.

Heavy weight cuties

Heavy weight cuties

Now, where was I? Oh, yes: that anime. I was quite a show, wasn’t it?

For anyone reading this but who did not watch the anime, It is about girls in high school who use tanks as a form of sports competition. Something only weed smoking Japanese could have possibly come up with… 🙂 Go give it a try! It is one of those sleeper-hits that are just too crazy to miss out on! – A word of warning, I’d rather You watch the show for the first four episodes before You decide whether or not to put it down, because let’s face it: it is ridiculous at first. I mean THIS level of ridiculous:

One image to capture them all

One image to capture them all

Oh, my God! The M3! The Stug! AAhhhh! has a stream of it as far as I know. Go and watch it, because from here on, there WILL BE SPOILERS in my post.

You have been warned!




Remember that!




Still here?


Now, I’ll do now something I’ve never done before and that is: writing about an anime. And I will also do another first, that being: writing about the end first – this is will be interesting…
Okay, I’ll warn you again: do NOT continue reading if have not watched all 14 episodes!




Do not go home crying that I have spoiled the best for you.




But what am I saying, right? I mean: it HAD TO END THIS WAY. I know I may be a bit down to earth – or even backwards if you want to be dramatic, but I would have really preferred another ending for this awesome anime! An ending that would have been more realistic, that could have foreshadowed a second season with the showdown finally coming to its zenith (nice pull/pun on that, I might add). But no. I mean the only thing really consistent throughout this show was that the underdog wins. No matter the odds. No matter the difficulties. When things go legs up, reality goes out the window… oh my god!

Hetzers gonna hetz!

Hetzers gonna hetz

Up until this episode there has been khmm ‘creative freedom done on physics for the sake of storytelling’, but this is just overboard for me. I mean: the Maus weights in around 188 TONS for crying out loud, the Hetzer is… under 16 tons. I bet they will explain this behaviour with the ‘fact’ that every tank in the anime is reinforced from the inside out so that no shell whatsoever can penetrate the hull of a tank, but even still they should have ended up like a pancake. Something like this: would have surely been their demise – despite any reinforcements!

Also the way they got chased down by the Black Forest Peak Team was hilarious – in a negative sense. I mean: they overpowered the THREE to one, still they gave them a chase, instead of herding them like cattle against the big guns of Elephant, JagdTiger, JagdPanzer and King Tigers.

For all purposes this could have really been the end shot of the damn anime (except it isn’t, but those who have watched it to the end will no doubt have the same feeling):

Girls und Gozdilla!

Girls und Gozdilla!

And then, of course there was the show down between the two sisters. Awesome, no really it was AWESOME, if you disregard the tanks zipping around with what looks like 100mph on concrete, disregard traction like a race car, and ohh a few little things, like… like this:

They see me driftin' ... they hatin' ...

They see me driftin’ … they hatin’ …

There is a reason why this abomination of even anime physics was allowed to come forth (even though most of the anime is pretty sound in this regard), and that is nothing else than to end the anime with Ooarai being victorious. And I am really sad to say this but after this. It HAS to end. If they would have done something a little -just a little bit- more realistic (like Ooarai are getting beaten to a pulp – but the school is not closed down because of, well because they steam-rolled every other team in existence and only came out second against a brick wall, called Black Forest Peak) thing to end, then there would have been a reason for a second season – retribution.
But this way… I don’t really see any!

I do believe there will be a second season for this anime – now that the commercial success is 600% or so (the forecast was for ~5k copies sold per release, now just the pre-order volume is at 30k!) any manager would be burnt in hell and back if he/she lets a success of this magnitude go out without another ‘milk run’. But now, I just don’t see the point in it.
I mean:  They beat everyone, they have been through hell and came back victorious against ridiculously daunting odds… what now? Go back and do the same thing again, although now with even BETTER machines? I doubt they will have problems with the funding now… They have beaten up every real player there is, what is store for season two now?  Watching Hana do better flower-arrangements?

Sorry for my rant, it is just that I had such a high hopes for an anime that never ever let down on the pressure. An anime that was willing to push the excitements to yet another level. Only to go out in … something I don’t know what to call sadly… 😦

But let me hear YOUR opinion!

And another one to please the masses:

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Kurogane’s anime blog (from which the .gifs are taken from):

Girls und Godzilla:

Asakai – A different perspective

UPDATE: Dev blogs are up about the event so please do scroll down and read below!

While reading about the battle that was fought I thought: Finally!  I always wanted to write something in or near layman’s terms so please bear with me, also this event is such a nice opportunity so I wanted to write a post about both. I know I am so yesterday.

But being ‘late‘ to write about things has its merits too: the dust settled; the smoke cleared; the killboards finally managed to take a deep breath and people have come down from the state of mind I call ‘bloodrage’. No, no WoW connection there for you, you opportunist little… 🙂

Speaking of opportunist, Riverini already has a T-shirt that goes with this:

Riverini's take on these matters, you opportunist little F... :-)

War is good for business I suppose.

The prelude for this battle was the long building tension between the two most powerful alliances in the game: Goonswarm and Test Alliance Please Ignore. Each holding up to and above 10.000 characters and that is not counting affiliates / allies. These two are the powerhouses of EVE right now. To understand how this came to be involves diving into the politics of 0.0 which are pretty similar to this:

Yep, that is about as accurate as it can get. 🙂

Joking aside, the Goonswarm Federation was born not in EVE but outside of it: I believe most of my readers know this site, they are among the older alliance in the game right now. With their old arch-enemy the BoB/IT flushed down the toilet (sorry), and a seemingly limitless potential of new recruits pouring into the game from the site they slowly came to be an entity that now holds more than a 100 systems and has influence through and through the game (look at picture, remember cinema, look back). Somewhere along the line TEST came to be in similar fashion but from a totally different site:

As luck would have it, these two entities became friends although the original sites hold some animosities against each other. By the end of 2012, together and with the help of Pandemic Legion they became the most influential groups, commanding somewhere around 25.000+ troops and still not counting allies. They began to manipulate the markets, bullied, bribed, stole and spied and did pretty much everything you don’t get banned right away. In the process the pissed off a lot of people.

Then came the OTEC and stagnation. With the majority of the most valuable moons firmly under their control they began to amass wealth unheard of (this pissed off even more people, mind you). While forcing every other alliance into submission by the numbers game known as The Blob. The Blob was dropped onto pretty much everything float (flew) and one by one territories and entities once hold like fortresses of old succumbed to this juggernaut.

And for a time it was good – for Goons actually. But money came into the picture. Eventually TEST wanted a bigger piece of the pie (hmm where have I seen that before?) and wanted more. Goons would not want them too and so tensions rose almost to the breaking point. In the last minute, the clash was averted, but the guns were only put below the table  not away.

So basically the table was set for something like this to come:

A still from the show:

More videos related:…3953.20436.0.20644.…0.0…1ac.1.gc3vNIATGZ0

As the dust settled, and the smoke cleared, some things crossed my mind:

  • The scale – and therefore the still slumbering potential – of EVE is massive. No, really it is MASSIVE!
    Just think about it: most games tap themselves on the shoulder if they can get a 64vs64 battle together. In Eve Online 64vs64 is a SMALL engagement, not really newsworthy even. Even though I play this game for years it still amazes me.
  • War IS good for business, with stagnation and ‘blue-ball’ rampant in null-sec, this was a welcome refreshment for all parties involved.
  • EVE-Online’s back-end and staff are finally up to the task. Usually, fights like this happen on a reinforced node that has to be requested 24h prior to the engagement. And while this was just a regular node CCP’s employees jumped on to pull all the stops they could – and the node prevailed.
  • The amount (and the quality/price) of assets in player hands is staggering, which brings me to this picture:

  • Given current prices, my guesstimate is that about 487B ISK worth of assets were lost in this ONE fight. To make that clear to a (any) non-eve human: 487B ISK can easily buy you about 903 (and a half) PLEXes. A PLEX is 30 days of game time which has a direct relation to real money. Namely 2 PLEX is worth 35$ (34,9$ to be precise) So therefore:

This fight tallies at ~15.750$

Plus change.

  • This fight happened by a freak accident. While there are some reports of preparations on both sides, none of this would have made it to the front pages unless the recipe for the perfect storm was not ready. And it was ready:
  1. The titan fail-bridged – this stuff can happen as the label ‘jump’ and ‘bridge’ are right below each other, I’m told. This video demonstrates this fairly accurately (at 01:30) the sudden and unexpected turn this can have on battles. Sh*t happens, apparently.
  2. Some reinforcements were ‘on the ready’. While their firepower was not enough to pop the enemy fast (and allow both sides to call it a day, writing off losses) it was enough that given enough time this Titan would have died.  Therefore reinforcements were called in on both sides: one side to kill, the other to save the titan.
  3. Dabigredboat changed the mission to ‘rescue me!’ to ‘kill sh*t’ right in the middle of battle – balls of steel, eh? (Kudos on him for doing this, actually)
  4. With most of 0.0 in a strange state of stagnation (relatively speaking), ships and assets have been at the ready and plenty, with most major powerblock-players bored by the small skirmishes and having itchy fingers for something more, they were actually praying for something like this to happen.
  5. With the almost neutered tension between the two largest alliances in game that almost brought a virtual civil war – and many were hoping for that it did –  people were eager to settle old grudges.
  6. While the system was not in null, but in low security space it was in the perfect position. It is an easy to reach destination with only 9 jumps away for Jita, THE trade hub of EVE-Online.
  7. The activity low combined with both side’s grudges and allies standing by (and also eager for some blood) enabled that everyone  could throw in whatever they wanted.  And they did… 🙂

The rest is well documented history. Go browse through some of the links I’ve added below if you want to get a blurred picture of the clear view. 🙂

After everything is done and done for, one question remains:
Where is EVE heading?

With Goons an TEST quite nearly crashing into something pretty much similar to a civil war and EVE itself nearing a state (it is more a feeling than anything else I could point to) of pre-World War I, I only wonder where this will head. The current state of 0.0 with the dominance of CFC is only good for a few and while they get richer the barrier of entry of other entities to enter null rises with it. I hate to say it, but it this virtual world where stagnation is death  WAR. IS. GOOD. FOR BUSINESS.

I do hope some good will come out of this all




UPDATE: official post about the undertaking:

UPDATE #2: another official post about

To read / References / Pictures taken from:

Reinforcement Request Forum post:

DOTLAN’s Asakai map stats of the fight:

Players blogging about the war that did not happened:

The fight:

The fight in somewhat layman’s terms:

Fly safe!

Just a quick idea I wanted to get lose before posting something more interesting…

0.0 Sec is broken, the idea that CCP had was a good start but they did not reiterate on it, so its almost as good as the good old POS fights (remember those?) I just had a light-bulb light up in my head, so beware.

So what is (or better, what should be) 0.0? Quick re-cap:

  • A place where players can call their own
  • A place where players can organise themselves in whatever social structures they desire
  • A place where players can cultivate / form they surrounding to their own liking
  • A place where players can build their own empires
  • A place to hide out when needed

Let us expand these:

  1. A place where players can call their own
    Pretty straight forward or is it?
  2. A place where players can organise themselves into whatever social structures they desire
    Social structures… Today the de-facto standard is that alliances are the way to go. Coalitions are just there on a word-to-word basis. Let us say we add that fourth player to the mix: Player, Corporation, Alliance and Coalition!
    Make that a fully in-game supported feature not just ‘I tag you blue, you tag me blue’ – because that is not what those tags are for
  3. A place where players can cultivate / form they surrounding to their own liking
    I am not just talking about POS and stations. Planets! Terraforming! Dust514! Multiple stations in one system!
  4. A place where players can build their own empires
    The iHUBs will become not just a focal point for system control, but become part of the alliance control too!
  5. A place to hide out when needed
    Heavily fortified, one system can become like a fortress of old, where massive armies have to employ battering rams the size of a titan to get through

Let us expand this even more (this is where you should scream 🙂 ):

  1. You possession (territory) is only so big as the space you can hold on a day-to-day basis. You can set up POS wherever you like, use them for ‘ninja-planet-mining’, for staging areas, for home away from home, etc. Setting up a POS is not something you need to ask for allowance. If someone doesn’t like it he can still shoot it.
  2. Stations
    Will behave like a POS (as they are player owned structures too), they can be set up, and even be destroyed (to move a stations around is a neat idea too, that would really be worthy of a half-god capsuleer’s imagination).
    The items stored in these stations will drop if station or a station’s component is destroyed (read: if you destroy/disable a manufacturing component of a station, the items currently in production will fall out in a container – some of them fully manufactured, while others in raw form – depending on the status the run(s) had at the time of destruction).
    Similarly if a station is destroyed, the items stored will drop too – now an emergency evacuation under fire gets a whole new meaning!
    Station owner change WILL invoke a free loot! Take what you can, give nothing back!
  3. You own systems by doing the things below:
    a: you cultivate the iHUB, raise the sov levels
    b: by building structures in system (Customs Office, POS, Stations – this will be in relations to the full space available (# of planets + # of moons vs. # of COs + # of POS + # stations)
    b/2: by defending your possessions!
    c: run missions FOR the current owner (if it is a friendly corporation or NPC)
    d: enforcing system security (read: clearing belts of rats, running sites, etc.)
    e: by destroying ships not affiliated  with your entity (read: Coalition)
    f: by defending the planets
  4. If you do not run stuff in that system the influence rate (read: owner) will change back to contested and then into not owned in 2-1 weeks time respectively
  5. You can hasten this demise in enemy territories by
    a: going in and running sites of your own
    b: destroying enemy possessions (customs offices, POSes, Station components, Stations themselves)
    c: destroying enemy ships
  6. Coalitions are formed by alliances bounding together.
    Standing are derived by this and overrule every set up (read: you Corporation has red with it, but you Coalition has blue ->it is blue!)
  7. System levels are the following:
    Sov level weeks days
    level 5 7 49
    level 4 6 42
    level 3 5 35
    level 2 4 28
    level 1 3 21
    contested 2 14
    not owned 1 7

    Note: the days needed for the level are for the minimum days needed – they can take longer if your corporations are less-than-active or your enemy is busy at work, hindering your progress!

  8. System fortifications will kick in:
    level 1: Stations will be able to lock out non-blue members if it is wished (if they are owned),  Clone vats in stations are accessible now. Every friendly POS in system will receive a 1%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 2: Notification will go out if non-aligned POS is achored. Manufacturing and repair costs are reduced by 5%. Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 2%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 3: Jump Portals are live. Manufacturing and repair costs are reduced by an additinal 10%. Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 3%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 4: Cyno jammers are live, iHUBs become indestructible. Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 4%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 5: Only real, living Headquarters will reach this point! Station components are indestructible. Orbital strikes recieve a 50% donus to spread (read: larger area will be hit). Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 1% bonus to fuel consumption
  9. Constellation Sovereignty will yield and additional 5% bonus to hit points and fuel consumption of POSes
  10. Region Sovereigntywill yield and additional 10% bonus to hit points of POSes
  11. NPC staging areas (Serpentis Prime, etc.) and NPC controlled systems Cannot be switched in owners, but can be affiliated with by doing errands (like running missions) for them.
    Affiliation will unlock similar bonuses like sovereignty level, and will count into Constellation and regional ownership (POS bonuses, cyno jammers, etc.).
    Destroying faction’s assets anywhere in region (read: running sites against them) will reduce affiliation level.
    If players lose the affiliation, every station erected during that time in NPC systems will go to the respective faction and will be accessible to everyone (but no free loot!)

Again the credo of : You possession is only so big as the space you can hold   holds true. This will have a very competitive and interesting landscape.

Just my 5 cents (and not fifty!)

Fly safe!

pre-edit: this post has been dragging on now for more than a month. Geez! Sorry for the delay it is just that stuff has been happening to me in real life (you know the one without a clone and no ‘save game’ feature) that has sucked up all my time and all my energy, so there was none left when I wanted to do something for this blog.

This post was written before the release of the patch. But I think is still relevant as I am not content with this ‘role’ stuff that is just happening right now in the game. As much as I would like to see ship roles, I’d like to see progressive advance as I move from one ship to another – you can clearly see that at my Tech2 miners.

So here it is, unedited, and raw (just refine it in your neural cortex and you’ll be fine)!

Given that another patch is in the doorstep I really wanted to revisit the DEV Blog ( – written by CCP Ytterbium) made.

As it turns out some prayers are heard by CCP. It is just not all of them are considered even worthy of considering… 😛


But since this blog came out I wondered whether or not to continue on the whole Industrial rebalance thing. Seeing how CCP toys with the ships on SISI I just lost my temper, so here it is!

The current layout is this:

ORE Starships

Mining Barges T1 • Procurer • Retriever • Covetor
Exhumers T2 • Skiff • Mackinaw • Hulk
Capitals Capital Industrial • Orca • Rorqual
Salvaging T1 • Noctis

So Let us re-consider the whole would-be ORE ship tree:


A couple of notes to all this (before you write a rage post):
  • First of all, what you are about to read will assume that the Rebalancing EVE one ship at the time ( is already over and that the skill requirements are set in a way as to encourage leveling while lowering the barrier of entry significantly. Read: Mining barge I requirement should be Industry level 4, not the current level 5 similarly for Tech II ships Mining Barge level 4 is required  instead of level 5, etc.
  • like whole numbers. That is why I buffed the Shield/Armor/Hull HPs accordingly. Also I cannot make up any honest excuse as to why come up with arbitrary not even numbers, like 2531 for the original hull of the Hulk – we are not balancing one ship against another here in a way we would balance Amarr vs. Minmatar comparisons. So sorry guys, anyone who begins to argue about that just misses the whole point.
  • CPU and PG buffs are there as to allow a ship to finally fit a full flight of Tech 2 modules with a decent balance between tank and mining performance.
  • On this last note, if you think about it this way, it will help: you just bought a custom Brabus modified Mercedes SL  for 10x the money – which is in fact pretty much like a Tech II or Faction equivalent of the original SL – but when you want a sunroof you have to go with that pile of plastic 70’s meta 3 LADA NIVA’s because of fitting restraints… seriously?? – you will go WTF?! Am I rite? And with all the right reason.
  • The boosts I propose here are a little bit different than in my original post but times change and so does one’s opinion about some things. Deal with it.
  • Note that CCP’s mantra of ‘what you could fly before, you can fly after‘ is not applied here because it is useless. It needlessly binds the design opportunities without adding any real benefits. For one: people will be compensated; second: note that the changes I installed skill-wise can be re-trained within 1-3 days.
  • Not to mention that anyone REALLY interested in mining and its related professions WILL go for level 4-5 from the get go – so he/she will probably not be affected by these changes in any ways.


First there will be (hopefully) the ORE Frigate. Tech level 1 I assume. What would this frigate look like?

ORE Frigate

The ship layout should look something like this:
 High slots  2  CPU  200 TF
 Med slots  1  PG  25 MW
 Low slots  1  Shield HP  250
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  250
 Rig Bandwidth  400  Structure HP  500
 Drone Bandwidth  25 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  25 m^3  Turret Slots  2
 Cargohold  400 m^3  Missile Slots  2
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge I (added)
And the additional skill boosts:
  • +20% mining yield bonus per level
  • +10% drone damage and mining yield bonus per level
  • +10% cargohold bonus per level
While these are not significant boosts the package as a whole should be something worthy of considering as it outperforms the mining frigates currently in the game. What does this enable? The removal of the Tormentor’s, Bantam’s, Navitas”s and the Burst’s role as a tech 1 entry mining frigate!  Honestly I see no point in even keeping those ships in the game any more.
The ship comes with default Tech 1 resists so it’s tank is not enough to say the least.
This is the ‘Old Guard’ of the ORE ship line. Some tweaking here and there can help a lot, so let us take a look:


This is the entry-level into the world of the _real_ mining barges. It should be noted that in order for the frigate to fit in (and I really don’t think CCP will introduce a new skill, just to make that boat – the frigate – float) the basic skill requirement is now raised a level (level 1 -> level 2). The tweaking is introduced to amp up the capabilities of this ship (also to make room for the frigate). The cargo hold retracts to 300m^3 while it receives an additional Ore hold of a not insignificant 2.000m^3.
 High slots  1  CPU  170 TF (up from 120)
 Med slots  2 (up from 1)  PG  50 MW
 Low slots  2  Shield HP  1,000 (up from 195)
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  500 (up from 313)
 Rig Bandwidth  300 (down from 400)  Structure HP  1,000 (up from 469)
 Drone Bandwidth  25 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  25 m^3  Turret Slots  1 (up from 0)
 Ore cargohold  2,000 m^3 (up from 1,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge II (increased from level 1)
And the additional skill boosts:
  • +5% mining yield bonus per level (up from +3%) for Strip Miners and Mining Lasers
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters

RetrieverThis ship a step up from the Procurer. It receives some small boosts but as a whole it should still be the ‘man in the middle’ between the two sister ships in regards to mining.

As for the tank, the boosts and tweaks help the tank a lot. You won’t have trouble fitting tank on this one! The cargo hold retracts to 400m^3 while it receives an additional Ore hold of a not insignificant 4.000m^3.
 High slots  2  CPU  235 TF (up from 125)
 Med slots  2 (up from 1)  PG  55 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  2  Shield HP  3,000 (up from 489)
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  500 (down from 625)
 Rig Bandwidth  300 (down from 400)  Structure HP  2,000 (up from 938)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s (up from 25)
 Drone hold  50 m^3 (up from 25)  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  4,000 m^3 (up from 2,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge III
And the additional skill boosts:
  • +5% mining yield bonus per level for Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters  (up from +3%)
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters


The Covetor represents the best of Tech I Mining barges. Boasting an impressive cargo hold and good mining performance. It really is the best that (cheap) money can buy at a Tech I level. The cargo hold retracts to 500m^3 while it receives an additional Ore hold of a gigantic 8.000m^3.
 High slots  3  CPU  290 TF (up from 200)
 Med slots  2 (up from 1)  PG  65 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  2  Shield HP  5,000 (up from 781)
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  500 (down from 911)
 Rig Bandwidth  300 (down from 400)  Structure HP  3,000 (up from 1,875)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  8,000 m^3 (up from 4,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (decreased from level 5)

And the additional skill boosts:

  • +5% mining yield bonus per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +5% drone damage and mining yield bonus per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters
Tech II
Now onto the upgraded versions: basic guideline on the Tech II line is that each ship specialises in something different while inheriting much of the design and benefits of its Tech I ancestor. These ships are designed to operate in low and zero security space so they field added resists and some bonuses that are related to their speciality.


This ship specialises in Mercoxit mining. The base added +2 warp strength remains. As for the rest, I’ll just quote my old blog post:
“Increase in drone bay might encourage people to use [also] drones for mining mercoxit and therefore the chance of gas cloud forming bonus would finally be put to great use – right now Skiffs just park outside of gas cloud range and therefore the bonus is not really used.”
The cargohold retracts to 200 m^3, while receiving an added cargohold specially designed for ores. Especially to handle that nasty explosive-happy material, called Mercoxit.
 High slots  1  CPU  270 TF (up from 188)
 Med slots  4  PG  65 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  3 (up from 2)  Shield HP  7,000 (up from 675)
 Rig slots  2  Armor HP  1,000 (up from 450)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  4,000 (up from 633)
 Drone Bandwidth  25 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3 (up from 25)  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  16,000 m^3 (up from 4,500)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (reduced)
Exhumers II (increased from level 1)

And the additional skill boosts (Mining Barge skill):

  • +5% mining yield bonus per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +7,5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters
  • +2 warp strength
The additional skill boosts tied to Exhumers skill:
  • +50% bonus to Mercoxit Mining Crystal yield multiplier per level (down from 60%)
  • -15% reduced chance of Mercoxit gas cloud forming per level (down from 20%)
Note: while a the reductions may come off as a nerf, the Skiff will still be the best Mercoxit miner out there.


This ship is the best for mining Ice, period. As such it will receive the best bonuses for that. It also receives an added warp strength so nasty situations can be handled (after a fashion). Its cargohold diminishes to 400 m^3 but this creates room for the added cargohold (for all those big ice blocks to fit in).
 High slots  2  CPU  330 TF (up from 198)
 Med slots  4  PG  70 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  3 (up from 2)  Shield HP  9,000 (up from 1,181)
 Rig slots  2  Armor HP  1,000 (up from 788)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  5,000 (up from 1,266)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  18,000 m^3 (up from 6,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (reduced)
ExhumersExhumers III (increased from level 2)

And the additional skill boosts (Mining Barge skill):

  • +5% mining yield per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +7,5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Ice Harvesters and Strip Miners
  • +1 warp strength
  • +100% bonus to ice mining yield
The additional skill boosts tied to Exhumers skill:
  • -5% reduction of Ice Harvesters cycle duration per level.
Note: Ice Harvesters receive the bonus from the Exhumer skill only! Also note that the penalty regarding Ice Harvesters cycle is now replaced by a bonus for basic cycle reduction.
HULK (Tech II)


This is the final instalment of the mining line for the ORE. As such it boast a large shield HP able to withstand most NPCs in null sec. For this the engineers had to forgo the added warp strength of its smaller siblings.
 High slots  3  CPU  385 TF (up from 300)
 Med slots  4  PG  80 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  3 (up from 2)  Shield HP  11,000 (up from 1519)
 Rig slots  2  Armor HP  1,000 (up from 1013)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  6,000 (up from 2531)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  20,000 m^3 (up from 8,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (reduced)
ExhumersExhumers IV (increased from level 3)

And the additional skill boosts (Mining Barge skill):

  • +5% mining yield per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +7,5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters
  • -50% reduction of Mercoxit mining yield
The additional skill boosts tied to Exhumers skill:
  • +5% mining yield per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%, Ice Harvesters excluded)
  • +5% drone damage and mining yield bonus per level
Note: this is the only ship receiving a double-boost for strip miners, and an added drone yield. As such it will be the most effective – although the most easily caught – Exhumer out there.
Now this is where the tricky parts come in. This is a group that was none-existent but if you look at them from a different angle, the question arises: why not?
PRIMAE (Tech I) 
While this was a limited issue ship I think it would really deserve it’s place in the ORE line as the de facto (almost) best PI hauler out there. For this to happen, CCP would have to modify the ship accordingly (adding blueprints, etc). With added slots and a boosted cargo hold it could be a viable option and could finally reclaim the throne as the first choice of PI ship out there (note: Blockade runners will still be a viable option – warp while cloaked and other extra features the Primae doesn’t have). Also note that in order for this ship to fit into EVE cannon it is now re-classified as a large vessel and uses large modules!
 High slots  2 (added)  CPU  300 TF (up form 100)
 Med slots  5 (added)  PG  3,000 MW (up from 175)
 Low slots  4 (no modification)  Shield HP  2,000 (up from 1,000)
 Rig slots  3 (added)  Armor HP  2,000 (up from 1,000)
 Rig Bandwidth  400 (added)  Structure HP  2,000 (up from 1,000)
 Cargohold  400 m^3 (up from 100)
 PI commodities hold  10,000 m^3 (up from 1,600)  Turret Slots  0
 Command Centre hold  2,000 m^3 (up from 1,000)  Missile Slots  0

Basic requirement should be:
ORE Industrial

ORE Industrial I (added)
This ship will be moved to the Tech 2 branch. As a direct descendant of the Primae (hell! it even shares the same ship form!) it would inherit Tech 2 resists while at the same time retain the original fitting and layout. With a little tweak here and there (losing the third rig slot like all Tech II ships – but gaining access difficulty bonus by the skill level) it should be even more formidable than before. Note that in order for this ship to fit into EVE cannon it is now re-classified as a large vessel and uses large modules!
 High slots  8 (no modification)  CPU  330 TF (up from 300)
 Med slots  2 (no modification)  PG  3,000 MW (up from 250)
 Low slots  3 (no modification)  Shield HP  1,000 (down from 1,700)
 Rig slots  2 (down from 3)  Armor HP  2,500 (up from 2,200)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  3,500 (up from 3,200)
 Cargohold  4,000 m^3 (up from 1,460)
 Turret Slots  8
 Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
ORE IndustrialORE Industrial IV (up from level 1)

And the additional skill boosts:

  • 5% reduction of tractor beam and salvager cycle per level
  • +50% bonus to tractor beam range and velocity per level
  • +3% added salvaging access difficulty bonus per level
Note: This means that with the training to level 4 you will get a +12% access difficulty bonus (better than a Tech I salvage tackle rig). And at level 5 you will be on par with the Tech II Salvage tackle rig – for free! This will fully compensate for the loss of one rig slot. The greatly increased Cargohold would enable for 0.0 dwellers to salvage more sanctums at a time – although with those minimal defences this ship is a giant target practice.
ORCA (Tech I)


The  Orca serves as a ‘small Rorqual’. Providing bonuses in high sec or in areas where fielding a Rorqual might be too risky. Note: in order to fit in with canon this ship is now classified as Capital. Therefore appropriate modules should be used! Power Grid and CPU are adjusted accordingly. The skill requirement remains  the same though.
 High slots  4 (up from 3)  CPU  550 TF (up from 430)
 Med slots  6 (up from 4)  PG  155,000 MW (up from 960)
 Low slots  4 (up from 2)  Shield HP  22,000 (up from 17,500)
 Rig slots  3 (no modification)  Armor HP  4,000 (down from 6,900)
 Rig Bandwidth  400  Structure HP  50,000 (up from 46,000)
 Cargohold  30,000 m^3 (no change)  Corporate cargo hold  40,000 (no modification)
 Ore Hold  60,000 m^3 (up from 50,000)  Drone hold  100 m^3 (up from 75)
 Ship maintenance bay  800,000 m^3 (up from 400,000)  Drone bandwidth  50 Mbit / s (no change)
Basic requirement should be:
Industrial Command ShipsIndustrial Command Ships I

And the additional skill boosts:

  • +5% bonus to cargo and ore hold capacity per level
  • +5% bonus to the effectiveness of mining foreman Gang Links per level
  • +10% bonus to drone damage, hit points and mining amount per level (new)
Role bonus:
  • +500% bonus to range of Survey Scanners
  • Can use 3 Gang Links simultaneously
  • -99% reduction for CPU need of Gang Link modules
 Note: it will lose its tractor beam bonuses because it will use the capital version. Ore hold receives a per level  bonus is cargohold too! Also the doubled ship maintenance bay will help to accommodate more than two fully fitted hulks at a time.


The very pinnacle of ORE’s ship line. This ship is a home away from home. The changes I suggest for this ship are minuscule and really only tweaks here and there. One big change is the buffed ship maintenance bay and the boost from 3 to 5 on fielding Gang Links (also, boosts now apply not just for Mining Gang Links when in deployed mode).
 High slots  6 (no change)  CPU  1,000 TF (up from 920)
 Med slots  7 (no change)  PG  350,000 MW (up from 305,000)
 Low slots  2 (down from 3)  Shield HP  100,000 (up from 90,000)
 Rig slots  3 (no modification)  Armor HP  20,000 (down from 30,000)
 Rig Bandwidth  400  Structure HP  200,000 (up from 160,000)
 Cargohold  50,000 m^3 (up from 50,000)  Corporate Hangar  40,000 m^3 (up from 30,000)
 Ore Hold  250,000 m^3 (no change)  Drone hold  500 m^3 (up from 300)
 Ship maintenance bay  1,600,000 (up from 1,000,000)  Drone bandwidth  125 Mbit / s (no change)
Basic requirement should be:
Industrial Command ShipsIndustrial Command Ships IV (added)
Capital Industrial ShipsCapital Industrial Ships I

And the additional skill boosts:

  • +5% bonus to cargo and ore hold capacity per level
  • -5% reduction in fuel consumption for Industrial Cores per level
  • +10% bonus to Gang Links effectiveness per level (not just for Mining Links) when in deployed mode
  • +50% bonus to range of Capital Shield Transporters per level
  • +20% bonus to drone damage hit points and mining amount per level
Role bonus:
  • +900% bonus to the range of Survey Scanners
  • +200% bonus to the range of Cargo Scanners
  • -99% reduction of CPU need for Gang Links
  • Can use 5 Gang Link modules simultaneously (up from 3)
  • Can fit Clone Vat Bay
That’s it!
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Mine safe!