So, after maxing out my Hetzer after 68 battles (actually I maxed it out at/around 50 battles, but lacked the cash to buy my new baby) I have finally managed to get hold of the StuG III:


(TierTier 05 icon.pngTD)


Actually I have managed to get hold of it on Sunday, and right now (Wednesday, as I write this blog) after 39 battles I already have 2/3 of the xp required for the JagdPZ IV (with everything else already researched). So all in all this was a very successful weekend and week begin. After this, Sunday will never be the same again,  it’s Stunday and Stugday from now on… 🙂

Funny thing is, that visually the StugIII is almost twice the width of the Hetzer. Especially with the added side plates I kind of feel like driving a Hetzer box with the widest side facing front. I know that the Stug III is more long than wide but the perception is there.  *insert Yoda woice* Funny TD, this StugIII is.

My current record is 5 kills with win and survive. Also my furthest kill is now 650 meters with the 7,5 cm StuK 42 L/70. And I got so many elite/exceptional gunner/driver awards that I stopped counting. Ok, I took a look and the toll is: Mastery Badge II. class, sniper (5), Sharpshooter (24), Master Gunner (15),  Reaper (3) and Kay’s Medal Class III, but I’ll recheck that once I get back in game and update this (UPDATED).  I moved my crew from the Hetzer to this TD. This might seem strange because I cost 800 golds to re-train a crew to 100% on the new vehicle. And this is the exact ammount you will have to pay if you want to buy new ones but the reason is simple: right now they have 70% of the perk Brothers in Arms. Their training would be in vain if I did not carry them through (remember what I said about ‘the long run’ in Hetzer? This is where it will come to play).

If anyone would like to know, my Stug III looks like this:


T(h)ank a lot!