So, another week has gone by and even with my limited time I’ve managed to get hold of the next tank in the German TD line:

Germany-JagdPzIV.pngEnter Mr. Jagd Panzer – the fourth!

What can I say about this tank? Nothing good really. Being in it I encounter once again the feeling of old: everyone is bigger and tougher than me. Ok not everyone but still, JP-IV is getting thrown in into battles of tier 7 to tier 10. Having a sub-par equipment by stock settings this can get real ugly. You will have the best chances with the tier 7 gun, the 8,8 cm PaK 36 L/56 but in order to be able to fit that, you must first either get the improved suspension or fit the Additional Grousers which will cost you 200.000 credits and is not-demountable – unless you are willing to spend gold. Because of this you will suck for the first 10-15 matches. And unfortunately there  is no way around it, so you/we must deal with it.

Apart from that – and once you have yourself fully upgraded – it is quite a formidable foe to face: only slightly larger than the StuG III and almost as maneuverable. With it’s sloped frontal armour and twice the health of the StuG III it can suck up some serious abuse (I had Steel Wall with it on the third game – not that I am particularly proud of that achievement: if a German TD gets this reward it only means that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time: detected and shot at. And only got lucky and managed to get away alive).

So what can you fit on this piece of … challenging equipment?

I hope that this helps!

T(h)ank a LOT!