This post will probably be a short (and euphoric) one, but nonetheless I wanted to write about it.

From my perspective Alliance Tournament Ten ( Short: ATX – I love this form-factor :))  was a resounding success both for CCP  and teams involved in it.

Some thoughts one a side-note:

  • Whoever came up with that E-WAR bar in the middle should receive a medal! This added such a joy and easy-to-read info for what is actually happening on screen that even people not involved in EVE could (almost) understand what was going on.
  • If we take the technical issues out of the view the whole tournament was the most pro I have seen to date. If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be: Alliance Tournament is now worthy to be called e-sports.
  • Kil2 was older than I expected him to be 🙂
  • The commentators really tried to explain (in layman’s terms) what was going on screen. Even if they did slipped out of this here and there the notion was there and I really hope CCP will endorse this mentality in AT-XI even further (makes my job easier to recruit, hehe).
  • I’d really love to see the fits on those Vargurs on every match! I am pretty sure HUN tailored them prior to every match but everyone was just looking at the hulls and forgot the fitting.
  • On this note: HUN won the meta game of ATX hands down. They played chicken with every bloody team they went up against. And won (except the last one – but I’ll write about that in a post later on). PL brought a brutal counter-setup that even had me convinced it will work. At the beginning of the match it looked like it could go both ways then HUN took a deep breath and just bulldozered PL over. One if not the best match in ATX.
  • That moustache had to go …
  • And it did! Kudos on Michael Bolton III for actually having the balls to place a bet like that. (I don’t know about how voluntarily that cut was though. He seemed quite pissed when that facial hair got lost – I do think he looks better this way though 🙂

Verdict: 10/10
(I’d give it a 8.9/10, but that moustache-loss on the last day really tipped the scale for me!)

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Fly safe – as always!