It has been a while since I have posted anything new here, but like all major events in life – some deserve their own page in history.


CCP seriously? F. you!

I am not a fan of consoles but even I toyed with the idea of purchasing one to get my hands dirty on the ground with the troopers in Dust514 (pun intended).

With the announcement that CCP is now focusing on a PC-exclusive shooter, some serious questions are need to be raised and honestly answered, such as:

  1. The lack of consistency – In ANY direction
    Not even a year ago (2013-05-13 ! ) was the official release date of CCPs game Dust514 on an old but revered gaming system, the PS3. Some of us (myself included) wondered why they could not wait to release it on PS4 (which was already near the corner at that time), or at least announce it as a joint title for PS3 and PS4. This is within the technical possibilities of today’s IT equipment (just go and see EVE-Dust connection) even if code consistency would be hard to uphold at least they could market themselves as a truly cross-platform IP.So inconsistencies in a nutshell:
    – Releasing on a soon-to-be-phased-out rig
    – NOT Releasing on the next generation console of the same manufacturer
    – Branching off into a whole different area (PC Gaming) with a whole different title
  2. The lack of understanding the basics in PR and communications
    Really, why should anyone be surprised that the local store closes after delivering false promises day after day for a year? Handing out rotten or half-eaten fruit (Incarna), delivering late and only half-heartedly (“we will iterate on it later” sic! – 0.0 sov in Dominion) and then being off-put if the disgruntled customer shoves the whole basket right back in his face.I am honestly surprised why CCP has not closed down after 5 years of constant screw-ups. I guess I underestimate the lack of stupid (hope) in people nowadays.CCP has unfortunately a proven track record of broken promises and slow development of already existing features. The way that they announced this change on FanFest – Fanfest! Of all places! Where people would have loved to come to celebrate – really speaks volumes of CCPs lack of sensitivity. But hell it sure gives the perfect impro for the title, that has got to count something, right? Wrong!
  3. The “soon (TM)” attitude – time they really do NOT have
    This will come back to bite them sooner than anyone anticipates. The lacklustre development speed of new features and even slower speed at which old code is ironed out is a tell-tale sign of a company who has that perception of being the only real player on the market.RSI’s Star Citizen is well under way and with a whopping 44 MILLION $ already committed for the development.
    Elite Dangerous (the remastering of the DNA for EVE !)  is also looking good with 1,5 million £ already founded to the project. These projects have a not so outspoken target to deliver on the promises other space sims made but failed to deliver (EVE in particular). Just think about it: SC hangar mode (EVE walk in stations), EDs fighter cockpits (EVE Valkyre), etc.
  4. The neutered CSM and CPM
    Really, my heart bleeds for these people, but the matter of the fact still stays: some of them had to keep their mouths shut when they should have spoken out. In my opinion CPMs only viable action right now is to resign as a team. This is the only hope that may force CCP to backpedal to at least give a long-term support to Dust. Because the way I see it, right now, Dust is DEAD.




Hilarious (and also PAINFULLY accurate) skit of the current future of Dust



Fly safe – as long as we can.

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