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What if – Skill revamp

Disclaimer: This post has been on the drawing board for a loooooong time, so I guess I'll 
just clean house now. Consider this wayback-machine, pre-sping cleaning 2012/06/14...
 and some more of this sort are on the way too.

With the DevBlog of rebalancing one ship at a time I had a bathroom idea last night:

Let’s rebalance the whole skill requirement-environment!

Right now a LOT of Tech 2 ships require exorbitant (in my opinion) amount of training, Heavy Interdictors and Command ships come into my mind as two stellar examples, just look at the Damnation:

Bloody hell!

I count no less than six (6) skills that have to be trained to LEVEL 5 in order to get into the bloody ship at the first place! Never mind piloting the damn thing!

Also the Tech 2 equipment requirements are pretty hard (anyone who wanted to train for Tech 2 large weapons will know what I mean), just take a look at the Tachyon Beam Laser II for reference and look at the large list of requirements.

So why is it like this? I mean: think about it, why train level 5 of any skill unless you want to maximise your potential?

With this question in my mind one clear goal emerges in front of my eyes: All Tech 2 items and advanced skills should have their requirements reduced to level 4.

This way, the layout would be simple, almost elegant. The barrier of entry would be lowered and people could get into ships faster than before (Bittervets crying? Shut up, its more meat for the grinder, isn’t it!?).

The overlaying theme then would mould into something like this:

  • Level 1: you know the skill, but you are a rookie (read Basic knowledge)
  • Level 2: you can now use most of the cheaper modules
  • Level 3: now we are getting somewhere (read Standard knowledge)
  • Level 4: you know your stuff (you are Advanced as you have train more than the average)
  • Level 5: you are adept (you are Elite if you will)

This should come across at the meta levels too:

  • Stuff that is meta level 2 or lower should have base requirements in skill: level 1
    -> No explanation needed I think, meta 0 stuff -> civilian stuff and therefore no skill is needed
  • Meta level 3 should need base skill level 2
    -> Meta 3 is a nice balance, between requirements and skills
  • Meta level 4 should have base skill level 3 needed
    -> you can basically fly and use every Tech 1 item, also Pirate/Faction ships and modules
  • Meta level 5 should have base skill level 4
    -> now you can use Tech 2 modules and ships
  • and consequently officer modules need base skill level5
    -> If you have the bucks to buy them you should have the skills to use them, period.

Certificates should mirror this change, by rearranging the basic, standard, advanced, elite for skill levels 1-3-4-5.

What would these changes enable?

This would enable a logical smooth sailing, instead of arbitraty WuT? and WeR? I mean:

EVE is a complex game in and of itself. And I love that. But the complexity of EVE does not need to be in the ‘book keeping’ section of the game (read: name convention, skills, etc.), it should be out there, between Player vs Player interaction.

Just my 2 cents.




Fly safe, as always!


pre-edit: this post has been dragging on now for more than a month. Geez! Sorry for the delay it is just that stuff has been happening to me in real life (you know the one without a clone and no ‘save game’ feature) that has sucked up all my time and all my energy, so there was none left when I wanted to do something for this blog.

This post was written before the release of the patch. But I think is still relevant as I am not content with this ‘role’ stuff that is just happening right now in the game. As much as I would like to see ship roles, I’d like to see progressive advance as I move from one ship to another – you can clearly see that at my Tech2 miners.

So here it is, unedited, and raw (just refine it in your neural cortex and you’ll be fine)!

Given that another patch is in the doorstep I really wanted to revisit the DEV Blog (http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=72890 – written by CCP Ytterbium) made.

As it turns out some prayers are heard by CCP. It is just not all of them are considered even worthy of considering… 😛


But since this blog came out I wondered whether or not to continue on the whole Industrial rebalance thing. Seeing how CCP toys with the ships on SISI I just lost my temper, so here it is!

The current layout is this:

ORE Starships

Mining Barges T1 • Procurer • Retriever • Covetor
Exhumers T2 • Skiff • Mackinaw • Hulk
Capitals Capital Industrial • Orca • Rorqual
Salvaging T1 • Noctis

So Let us re-consider the whole would-be ORE ship tree:


A couple of notes to all this (before you write a rage post):
  • First of all, what you are about to read will assume that the Rebalancing EVE one ship at the time (http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=9129) is already over and that the skill requirements are set in a way as to encourage leveling while lowering the barrier of entry significantly. Read: Mining barge I requirement should be Industry level 4, not the current level 5 similarly for Tech II ships Mining Barge level 4 is required  instead of level 5, etc.
  • like whole numbers. That is why I buffed the Shield/Armor/Hull HPs accordingly. Also I cannot make up any honest excuse as to why come up with arbitrary not even numbers, like 2531 for the original hull of the Hulk – we are not balancing one ship against another here in a way we would balance Amarr vs. Minmatar comparisons. So sorry guys, anyone who begins to argue about that just misses the whole point.
  • CPU and PG buffs are there as to allow a ship to finally fit a full flight of Tech 2 modules with a decent balance between tank and mining performance.
  • On this last note, if you think about it this way, it will help: you just bought a custom Brabus modified Mercedes SL  for 10x the money – which is in fact pretty much like a Tech II or Faction equivalent of the original SL – but when you want a sunroof you have to go with that pile of plastic 70’s meta 3 LADA NIVA’s because of fitting restraints… seriously?? – you will go WTF?! Am I rite? And with all the right reason.
  • The boosts I propose here are a little bit different than in my original post but times change and so does one’s opinion about some things. Deal with it.
  • Note that CCP’s mantra of ‘what you could fly before, you can fly after‘ is not applied here because it is useless. It needlessly binds the design opportunities without adding any real benefits. For one: people will be compensated; second: note that the changes I installed skill-wise can be re-trained within 1-3 days.
  • Not to mention that anyone REALLY interested in mining and its related professions WILL go for level 4-5 from the get go – so he/she will probably not be affected by these changes in any ways.


First there will be (hopefully) the ORE Frigate. Tech level 1 I assume. What would this frigate look like?

ORE Frigate

The ship layout should look something like this:
 High slots  2  CPU  200 TF
 Med slots  1  PG  25 MW
 Low slots  1  Shield HP  250
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  250
 Rig Bandwidth  400  Structure HP  500
 Drone Bandwidth  25 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  25 m^3  Turret Slots  2
 Cargohold  400 m^3  Missile Slots  2
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge I (added)
And the additional skill boosts:
  • +20% mining yield bonus per level
  • +10% drone damage and mining yield bonus per level
  • +10% cargohold bonus per level
While these are not significant boosts the package as a whole should be something worthy of considering as it outperforms the mining frigates currently in the game. What does this enable? The removal of the Tormentor’s, Bantam’s, Navitas”s and the Burst’s role as a tech 1 entry mining frigate!  Honestly I see no point in even keeping those ships in the game any more.
The ship comes with default Tech 1 resists so it’s tank is not enough to say the least.
This is the ‘Old Guard’ of the ORE ship line. Some tweaking here and there can help a lot, so let us take a look:


This is the entry-level into the world of the _real_ mining barges. It should be noted that in order for the frigate to fit in (and I really don’t think CCP will introduce a new skill, just to make that boat – the frigate – float) the basic skill requirement is now raised a level (level 1 -> level 2). The tweaking is introduced to amp up the capabilities of this ship (also to make room for the frigate). The cargo hold retracts to 300m^3 while it receives an additional Ore hold of a not insignificant 2.000m^3.
 High slots  1  CPU  170 TF (up from 120)
 Med slots  2 (up from 1)  PG  50 MW
 Low slots  2  Shield HP  1,000 (up from 195)
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  500 (up from 313)
 Rig Bandwidth  300 (down from 400)  Structure HP  1,000 (up from 469)
 Drone Bandwidth  25 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  25 m^3  Turret Slots  1 (up from 0)
 Ore cargohold  2,000 m^3 (up from 1,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge II (increased from level 1)
And the additional skill boosts:
  • +5% mining yield bonus per level (up from +3%) for Strip Miners and Mining Lasers
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters

RetrieverThis ship a step up from the Procurer. It receives some small boosts but as a whole it should still be the ‘man in the middle’ between the two sister ships in regards to mining.

As for the tank, the boosts and tweaks help the tank a lot. You won’t have trouble fitting tank on this one! The cargo hold retracts to 400m^3 while it receives an additional Ore hold of a not insignificant 4.000m^3.
 High slots  2  CPU  235 TF (up from 125)
 Med slots  2 (up from 1)  PG  55 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  2  Shield HP  3,000 (up from 489)
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  500 (down from 625)
 Rig Bandwidth  300 (down from 400)  Structure HP  2,000 (up from 938)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s (up from 25)
 Drone hold  50 m^3 (up from 25)  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  4,000 m^3 (up from 2,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge III
And the additional skill boosts:
  • +5% mining yield bonus per level for Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters  (up from +3%)
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters


The Covetor represents the best of Tech I Mining barges. Boasting an impressive cargo hold and good mining performance. It really is the best that (cheap) money can buy at a Tech I level. The cargo hold retracts to 500m^3 while it receives an additional Ore hold of a gigantic 8.000m^3.
 High slots  3  CPU  290 TF (up from 200)
 Med slots  2 (up from 1)  PG  65 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  2  Shield HP  5,000 (up from 781)
 Rig slots  3  Armor HP  500 (down from 911)
 Rig Bandwidth  300 (down from 400)  Structure HP  3,000 (up from 1,875)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  8,000 m^3 (up from 4,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (decreased from level 5)

And the additional skill boosts:

  • +5% mining yield bonus per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +5% drone damage and mining yield bonus per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters
Tech II
Now onto the upgraded versions: basic guideline on the Tech II line is that each ship specialises in something different while inheriting much of the design and benefits of its Tech I ancestor. These ships are designed to operate in low and zero security space so they field added resists and some bonuses that are related to their speciality.


This ship specialises in Mercoxit mining. The base added +2 warp strength remains. As for the rest, I’ll just quote my old blog post:
“Increase in drone bay might encourage people to use [also] drones for mining mercoxit and therefore the chance of gas cloud forming bonus would finally be put to great use – right now Skiffs just park outside of gas cloud range and therefore the bonus is not really used.”
The cargohold retracts to 200 m^3, while receiving an added cargohold specially designed for ores. Especially to handle that nasty explosive-happy material, called Mercoxit.
 High slots  1  CPU  270 TF (up from 188)
 Med slots  4  PG  65 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  3 (up from 2)  Shield HP  7,000 (up from 675)
 Rig slots  2  Armor HP  1,000 (up from 450)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  4,000 (up from 633)
 Drone Bandwidth  25 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3 (up from 25)  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  16,000 m^3 (up from 4,500)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (reduced)
Exhumers II (increased from level 1)

And the additional skill boosts (Mining Barge skill):

  • +5% mining yield bonus per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +7,5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters
  • +2 warp strength
The additional skill boosts tied to Exhumers skill:
  • +50% bonus to Mercoxit Mining Crystal yield multiplier per level (down from 60%)
  • -15% reduced chance of Mercoxit gas cloud forming per level (down from 20%)
Note: while a the reductions may come off as a nerf, the Skiff will still be the best Mercoxit miner out there.


This ship is the best for mining Ice, period. As such it will receive the best bonuses for that. It also receives an added warp strength so nasty situations can be handled (after a fashion). Its cargohold diminishes to 400 m^3 but this creates room for the added cargohold (for all those big ice blocks to fit in).
 High slots  2  CPU  330 TF (up from 198)
 Med slots  4  PG  70 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  3 (up from 2)  Shield HP  9,000 (up from 1,181)
 Rig slots  2  Armor HP  1,000 (up from 788)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  5,000 (up from 1,266)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  18,000 m^3 (up from 6,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (reduced)
ExhumersExhumers III (increased from level 2)

And the additional skill boosts (Mining Barge skill):

  • +5% mining yield per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +7,5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Ice Harvesters and Strip Miners
  • +1 warp strength
  • +100% bonus to ice mining yield
The additional skill boosts tied to Exhumers skill:
  • -5% reduction of Ice Harvesters cycle duration per level.
Note: Ice Harvesters receive the bonus from the Exhumer skill only! Also note that the penalty regarding Ice Harvesters cycle is now replaced by a bonus for basic cycle reduction.
HULK (Tech II)


This is the final instalment of the mining line for the ORE. As such it boast a large shield HP able to withstand most NPCs in null sec. For this the engineers had to forgo the added warp strength of its smaller siblings.
 High slots  3  CPU  385 TF (up from 300)
 Med slots  4  PG  80 MW (up from 35)
 Low slots  3 (up from 2)  Shield HP  11,000 (up from 1519)
 Rig slots  2  Armor HP  1,000 (up from 1013)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  6,000 (up from 2531)
 Drone Bandwidth  50 Mbit / s
 Drone hold  50 m^3  Turret Slots  0
 Ore cargohold  20,000 m^3 (up from 8,000)  Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
Mining BargeMining Barge IV (reduced)
ExhumersExhumers IV (increased from level 3)

And the additional skill boosts (Mining Barge skill):

  • +5% mining yield per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%)
  • +7,5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
Role bonus:
  • Able to equip Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters
  • -50% reduction of Mercoxit mining yield
The additional skill boosts tied to Exhumers skill:
  • +5% mining yield per level for Strip Miners (up from +3%, Ice Harvesters excluded)
  • +5% drone damage and mining yield bonus per level
Note: this is the only ship receiving a double-boost for strip miners, and an added drone yield. As such it will be the most effective – although the most easily caught – Exhumer out there.
Now this is where the tricky parts come in. This is a group that was none-existent but if you look at them from a different angle, the question arises: why not?
PRIMAE (Tech I) 
While this was a limited issue ship I think it would really deserve it’s place in the ORE line as the de facto (almost) best PI hauler out there. For this to happen, CCP would have to modify the ship accordingly (adding blueprints, etc). With added slots and a boosted cargo hold it could be a viable option and could finally reclaim the throne as the first choice of PI ship out there (note: Blockade runners will still be a viable option – warp while cloaked and other extra features the Primae doesn’t have). Also note that in order for this ship to fit into EVE cannon it is now re-classified as a large vessel and uses large modules!
 High slots  2 (added)  CPU  300 TF (up form 100)
 Med slots  5 (added)  PG  3,000 MW (up from 175)
 Low slots  4 (no modification)  Shield HP  2,000 (up from 1,000)
 Rig slots  3 (added)  Armor HP  2,000 (up from 1,000)
 Rig Bandwidth  400 (added)  Structure HP  2,000 (up from 1,000)
 Cargohold  400 m^3 (up from 100)
 PI commodities hold  10,000 m^3 (up from 1,600)  Turret Slots  0
 Command Centre hold  2,000 m^3 (up from 1,000)  Missile Slots  0

Basic requirement should be:
ORE Industrial

ORE Industrial I (added)
This ship will be moved to the Tech 2 branch. As a direct descendant of the Primae (hell! it even shares the same ship form!) it would inherit Tech 2 resists while at the same time retain the original fitting and layout. With a little tweak here and there (losing the third rig slot like all Tech II ships – but gaining access difficulty bonus by the skill level) it should be even more formidable than before. Note that in order for this ship to fit into EVE cannon it is now re-classified as a large vessel and uses large modules!
 High slots  8 (no modification)  CPU  330 TF (up from 300)
 Med slots  2 (no modification)  PG  3,000 MW (up from 250)
 Low slots  3 (no modification)  Shield HP  1,000 (down from 1,700)
 Rig slots  2 (down from 3)  Armor HP  2,500 (up from 2,200)
 Rig Bandwidth  300  Structure HP  3,500 (up from 3,200)
 Cargohold  4,000 m^3 (up from 1,460)
 Turret Slots  8
 Missile Slots  0
Basic requirement should be:
ORE IndustrialORE Industrial IV (up from level 1)

And the additional skill boosts:

  • 5% reduction of tractor beam and salvager cycle per level
  • +50% bonus to tractor beam range and velocity per level
  • +3% added salvaging access difficulty bonus per level
Note: This means that with the training to level 4 you will get a +12% access difficulty bonus (better than a Tech I salvage tackle rig). And at level 5 you will be on par with the Tech II Salvage tackle rig – for free! This will fully compensate for the loss of one rig slot. The greatly increased Cargohold would enable for 0.0 dwellers to salvage more sanctums at a time – although with those minimal defences this ship is a giant target practice.
ORCA (Tech I)


The  Orca serves as a ‘small Rorqual’. Providing bonuses in high sec or in areas where fielding a Rorqual might be too risky. Note: in order to fit in with canon this ship is now classified as Capital. Therefore appropriate modules should be used! Power Grid and CPU are adjusted accordingly. The skill requirement remains  the same though.
 High slots  4 (up from 3)  CPU  550 TF (up from 430)
 Med slots  6 (up from 4)  PG  155,000 MW (up from 960)
 Low slots  4 (up from 2)  Shield HP  22,000 (up from 17,500)
 Rig slots  3 (no modification)  Armor HP  4,000 (down from 6,900)
 Rig Bandwidth  400  Structure HP  50,000 (up from 46,000)
 Cargohold  30,000 m^3 (no change)  Corporate cargo hold  40,000 (no modification)
 Ore Hold  60,000 m^3 (up from 50,000)  Drone hold  100 m^3 (up from 75)
 Ship maintenance bay  800,000 m^3 (up from 400,000)  Drone bandwidth  50 Mbit / s (no change)
Basic requirement should be:
Industrial Command ShipsIndustrial Command Ships I

And the additional skill boosts:

  • +5% bonus to cargo and ore hold capacity per level
  • +5% bonus to the effectiveness of mining foreman Gang Links per level
  • +10% bonus to drone damage, hit points and mining amount per level (new)
Role bonus:
  • +500% bonus to range of Survey Scanners
  • Can use 3 Gang Links simultaneously
  • -99% reduction for CPU need of Gang Link modules
 Note: it will lose its tractor beam bonuses because it will use the capital version. Ore hold receives a per level  bonus is cargohold too! Also the doubled ship maintenance bay will help to accommodate more than two fully fitted hulks at a time.


The very pinnacle of ORE’s ship line. This ship is a home away from home. The changes I suggest for this ship are minuscule and really only tweaks here and there. One big change is the buffed ship maintenance bay and the boost from 3 to 5 on fielding Gang Links (also, boosts now apply not just for Mining Gang Links when in deployed mode).
 High slots  6 (no change)  CPU  1,000 TF (up from 920)
 Med slots  7 (no change)  PG  350,000 MW (up from 305,000)
 Low slots  2 (down from 3)  Shield HP  100,000 (up from 90,000)
 Rig slots  3 (no modification)  Armor HP  20,000 (down from 30,000)
 Rig Bandwidth  400  Structure HP  200,000 (up from 160,000)
 Cargohold  50,000 m^3 (up from 50,000)  Corporate Hangar  40,000 m^3 (up from 30,000)
 Ore Hold  250,000 m^3 (no change)  Drone hold  500 m^3 (up from 300)
 Ship maintenance bay  1,600,000 (up from 1,000,000)  Drone bandwidth  125 Mbit / s (no change)
Basic requirement should be:
Industrial Command ShipsIndustrial Command Ships IV (added)
Capital Industrial ShipsCapital Industrial Ships I

And the additional skill boosts:

  • +5% bonus to cargo and ore hold capacity per level
  • -5% reduction in fuel consumption for Industrial Cores per level
  • +10% bonus to Gang Links effectiveness per level (not just for Mining Links) when in deployed mode
  • +50% bonus to range of Capital Shield Transporters per level
  • +20% bonus to drone damage hit points and mining amount per level
Role bonus:
  • +900% bonus to the range of Survey Scanners
  • +200% bonus to the range of Cargo Scanners
  • -99% reduction of CPU need for Gang Links
  • Can use 5 Gang Link modules simultaneously (up from 3)
  • Can fit Clone Vat Bay
That’s it!
Links to look at:

My rumbling about ORE ships: https://lifeofzenith.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/ore-ships-rebalance/
DEV Blog about the rebalance: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=9129
DEV blog about ORE’s rebalance: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=72890

Mine safe!

Being quoted by Jester …

Yesterday, as I was browsing through the infinite horizons of the world wide web, I happened to stumble upon (read: I look at that blog daily) on a blog entry ( http://jestertrek.blogspot.hu/2012/07/you-win-some-you-lose-some.html) done by Jester (Ripard Teg – a fine pilot, flying for Rote Kapelle during ATX) and voiced my opinion about him doing (to be precise I asked him if he could do) a post about HUN’s signature fleet composition.

To be honest deep down I had hope he would really do an article about this but being a somewhat newcomer to the blog scene (hell! My first blog post ever is a little over 3 months old now) and being a fairly new chick in commenting his posts I really didn’t expected a reply to me personally.

As it turned out nature conspired with faith (I hope you get the reference for the old EVE intro) and my comment couldn’t have come at a better time, for Jester quoted me in the very next post, at the top of the page!


I was surprised – to say the least! 🙂 In a good way: while this being my thirteenth post (and 5 more are on the drawing board) my blog is not the most viewed of all times (it does get hits from all around the world) and I was really thinking whether or not I am just writing to amuse myself.

Funny thing is, I didn’t know I would be so happy just being quoted by another person… a little happiness in my everyday life …

Jester’s first post (where I made my comment): http://jestertrek.blogspot.hu/2012/07/you-win-some-you-lose-some.html

Jester’s post about the HUN composition: http://jestertrek.blogspot.hu/2012/07/about-that-hun-reloaded-comp.html

Old EVE-Online intro (God! I miss this one!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjbwsyhJjUs

Fly safe!

ATX – congrats!

This post will probably be a short (and euphoric) one, but nonetheless I wanted to write about it.

From my perspective Alliance Tournament Ten ( Short: ATX – I love this form-factor :))  was a resounding success both for CCP  and teams involved in it.

Some thoughts one a side-note:

  • Whoever came up with that E-WAR bar in the middle should receive a medal! This added such a joy and easy-to-read info for what is actually happening on screen that even people not involved in EVE could (almost) understand what was going on.
  • If we take the technical issues out of the view the whole tournament was the most pro I have seen to date. If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be: Alliance Tournament is now worthy to be called e-sports.
  • Kil2 was older than I expected him to be 🙂
  • The commentators really tried to explain (in layman’s terms) what was going on screen. Even if they did slipped out of this here and there the notion was there and I really hope CCP will endorse this mentality in AT-XI even further (makes my job easier to recruit, hehe).
  • I’d really love to see the fits on those Vargurs on every match! I am pretty sure HUN tailored them prior to every match but everyone was just looking at the hulls and forgot the fitting.
  • On this note: HUN won the meta game of ATX hands down. They played chicken with every bloody team they went up against. And won (except the last one – but I’ll write about that in a post later on). PL brought a brutal counter-setup that even had me convinced it will work. At the beginning of the match it looked like it could go both ways then HUN took a deep breath and just bulldozered PL over. One if not the best match in ATX.
  • That moustache had to go …
  • And it did! Kudos on Michael Bolton III for actually having the balls to place a bet like that. (I don’t know about how voluntarily that cut was though. He seemed quite pissed when that facial hair got lost – I do think he looks better this way though 🙂

Verdict: 10/10
(I’d give it a 8.9/10, but that moustache-loss on the last day really tipped the scale for me!)

Useful links:
ATX home site: http://at.eve-ic.net/10/index.php?view=home
This picture: http://www.eve-online.hu/gallery/pictures/20120723173120_3556.jpg
The associated killmail: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/120723/594090623michael_bolton_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png
E-sport’s recap: http://www.d-esports.com/11023/eve-alliance-tournament-x-finals-day-recap/

Fly safe – as always!

So, another week has gone by and even with my limited time I’ve managed to get hold of the next tank in the German TD line:

Germany-JagdPzIV.pngEnter Mr. Jagd Panzer – the fourth!

What can I say about this tank? Nothing good really. Being in it I encounter once again the feeling of old: everyone is bigger and tougher than me. Ok not everyone but still, JP-IV is getting thrown in into battles of tier 7 to tier 10. Having a sub-par equipment by stock settings this can get real ugly. You will have the best chances with the tier 7 gun, the 8,8 cm PaK 36 L/56 but in order to be able to fit that, you must first either get the improved suspension or fit the Additional Grousers which will cost you 200.000 credits and is not-demountable – unless you are willing to spend gold. Because of this you will suck for the first 10-15 matches. And unfortunately there  is no way around it, so you/we must deal with it.

Apart from that – and once you have yourself fully upgraded – it is quite a formidable foe to face: only slightly larger than the StuG III and almost as maneuverable. With it’s sloped frontal armour and twice the health of the StuG III it can suck up some serious abuse (I had Steel Wall with it on the third game – not that I am particularly proud of that achievement: if a German TD gets this reward it only means that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time: detected and shot at. And only got lucky and managed to get away alive).

So what can you fit on this piece of … challenging equipment?

I hope that this helps!

T(h)ank a LOT!

So, after maxing out my Hetzer after 68 battles (actually I maxed it out at/around 50 battles, but lacked the cash to buy my new baby) I have finally managed to get hold of the StuG III:


(TierTier 05 icon.pngTD)


Actually I have managed to get hold of it on Sunday, and right now (Wednesday, as I write this blog) after 39 battles I already have 2/3 of the xp required for the JagdPZ IV (with everything else already researched). So all in all this was a very successful weekend and week begin. After this, Sunday will never be the same again,  it’s Stunday and Stugday from now on… 🙂

Funny thing is, that visually the StugIII is almost twice the width of the Hetzer. Especially with the added side plates I kind of feel like driving a Hetzer box with the widest side facing front. I know that the Stug III is more long than wide but the perception is there.  *insert Yoda woice* Funny TD, this StugIII is.

My current record is 5 kills with win and survive. Also my furthest kill is now 650 meters with the 7,5 cm StuK 42 L/70. And I got so many elite/exceptional gunner/driver awards that I stopped counting. Ok, I took a look and the toll is: Mastery Badge II. class, sniper (5), Sharpshooter (24), Master Gunner (15),  Reaper (3) and Kay’s Medal Class III, but I’ll recheck that once I get back in game and update this (UPDATED).  I moved my crew from the Hetzer to this TD. This might seem strange because I cost 800 golds to re-train a crew to 100% on the new vehicle. And this is the exact ammount you will have to pay if you want to buy new ones but the reason is simple: right now they have 70% of the perk Brothers in Arms. Their training would be in vain if I did not carry them through (remember what I said about ‘the long run’ in Hetzer? This is where it will come to play).

If anyone would like to know, my Stug III looks like this:


T(h)ank a lot!

Hi there!

A couple of words and warnings in advance:

1: No, I didn't quit EVE, I think I never will - not voluntarily at least!
2: Having my free-to-game time reduced down to almost nothing (1- ONE hour) EVE is really no longer an option.
3: The fits I am going to cover here are work in progress. I will update them as time goes by and I accumulate more experience.

Now with this out of the way let’s rumble in the jungle.

I have toyed with this game with people who I play with since NavyField (oh, yeah I played that too!) and of course I am playing with them in EVE too, I think that this game is a perfect example of how to really run a micro-transaction game (although at a minimum of 5 EUR/GBP for golds I think that is more Macro than Micro).

Subscription numbers skyrocketed since launch and are as high as ever (wish I could say that about EVE too). I am with the German TD line and have had a LOT of fun, going low-tier and TD. I know… I AM strange. Even now, well after beta I think that the best (read: most fun) fights are had at low tiers. At upper tiers the whole thing gets too serious too soon. With some people getting an aura of self-important bigottry driving around considering themselves tactical geniuses and commanding others even though they died in the first assault. And I can’t really stomach that.

I consider myself a fairly casual gamer as the general time I spend playing per day is now down to 1 (ONE) hour. Still I try to get the best out of it and WoT gives me unrivalled bang for the bucks in that respect. No, EVE cannot even hope to compete.

Having played so much at low tiers I suddenly realised that I have 10k free xp to shed somewhere and I am still in a Marder II so I made the leap I have made in beta too:

Hetzers gonna Hetz!
Enter the Hetzer

This little beast was my favourite in beta. In forums it received so much heat and hate (I love this anagram) from players that I almost considered jumping it over to get to the real juicy part of playing a StuG III . But I thought I’ll give it a change. And I must say, I am happy !

It IS hard to win with a Hetzer, it IS hard to stay alive in a Hetzer, it IS hard to do real damage in a Hetzer againts higher tier opponents. But boy! You will learn the ropes to be a good TD pilot with this thing. Hetzer’s gonna Hetz!

My word of advice to players: be ready to die. A lot. As per default matchmaking settings Hetzer is assingned to fights that are higher tiers and therefore you will face big monsters that can and will oneshot you. As EVE players say: HTFU.

There are basically two way to go with a Hetzer and I think most flame comes from people not realising this or mixing it up (trying to do both at the same time) or choosing the one that does not fit their play style and force the one for the latter and get upset failing. These two play styles are:

  1. Sniper Hetzer with the 7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48 fitted
  2. Brawler Hetzer with the 10,5 cm StuH 42 L/28 fitted.

This might seem surprising to some (don’t laugh, it is!) but the two don’t mix. You cannot really brawl with the low damage of the 75mm PaK 39 and you cannot really snipe with the shotgun accuracy of the 105mm StuH. If you try one on the other you will probably fail.

In my opinion the Sniper Hetzer is supperior to the Brawler Hetzer as by design a TD (Tank Destroyer) has poor manoeuvring ability and poor side armour. Which also means that if you go with the brawl you will not be playing the tanks strengths but exposing it’s weaknesses.

For those that want to give the Hetzer a try I strongly suggest that you go with 100% crews from the get go. You can argue about this but fact is: by design this game is only fun if you are willing to throw money at it. You can play for free but it will be like a pizza with sluggish toppings. You will miss the whole package. I also suggest that you go for  Brothers in Arms perk first. While this may be counter-intuitive for some, it is actually better to have this support perk maxed out and then move on to the not-role-specific skills. Being the first perk it trains the fastest, and if you are planing to use this TD even after you have reached Elite status then this forethought will help you greatly when you enable the accelerated crew training. While – in the current 7.3 game version – it does not add to the role specific perks and skills like Deadeye or Snapshot it does adds 5% to the non-role specific skill you’ll train second (from where I stand now, that would be camouflage for this TD – but this could change).

Suggested settings by me:

  1. For the Sniper Hetzer with the 7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48 fitted you should go with
    Camouflage NetMedium-Caliber Tank Gun RammerBinocular Telescope with consideration Enhanced Gun Laying Drive or Improved Ventilation Class 1 for the last (Binocular) slot.
  2. For the Brawler Hetzer with the 10,5 cm StuH 42 L/28 fitted you should go with
    Camouflage NetMedium-Caliber Tank Gun RammerImproved Ventilation Class 1 with consideration for "Wet" Ammo Rack Class 1 and Toolbox for the last slot (although imho the toolbox is a waste for this tank, but it’s demountable so why not?).

So basically the 105mm is “for show” as one friend of mine put it. You can one shot enemies up to tier4 but for the pro there is mostly one way to go: 75mmPak 39 L/48 and camouflage all the way. Driving carefully and sniping whenever/wherever you can.

Links to look at:

Match Making System: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/10168-match-making-system/
World of Tanks Wiki’s Hetzer page: http://wiki.worldoftanks.eu/Hetzer
Useful guide: http://www.worldoftanksguide.com/combat-tank-destroyers-guide.shtml

T(h)ank a lot!

So it seems this is a day of EVE and LEGO for me…

What a pitty…

So what is now the topic? I found 3 more noteworthy projects in Cuusoo:

1: Myrmidon



2: Capsules of EVE:


3: LEGO Hurricane
I is still WiP (Work in Progress), so I’ll just post the link for it and will update this post once “zhe hurri’ isst fertig!


Luckily you can cast more than one vote at LEGO CUUSOO so jump in your best ship (browser) and vote like there will be no tomorrow!!

ps. I am done with LEGO for the time being… :-))


My post about the second LEGO ship: https://lifeofzenith.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/everyday-im-legoin/
My post about the rifter: https://lifeofzenith.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/lego-rifer-achieved/



For anyone not paying attention, a player created a nice Rifter hull out of LEGO bricks.

As I count myself a fan of LEGO bricks – having played with well into my teens – and as I also count myself as an EVE fan(anatic), it was kind of mandatory for me to cast a vote on this piece even though I am not really a fan of the Minmatar race, nor the Rifter.

At fanfest, CCP really embraced the idea and rallied players to reach the 10.000 votes needed, so that LEGO even considers doing a production run on the thing.

Hillmar holding the Rifter in his hands (it’s not small!):
Hillmar is happy

They even resorted to ingame advertisements about this LEGO Rifter. So I guess they really liked it. And I think they are happy right now because as of today, it is done:

it is done!

10.000 votes reached, and now LEGO will consider a production of this piece of art.

LEGO Rifter: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/11619#

Fly safe!