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What if – Skill revamp

Disclaimer: This post has been on the drawing board for a loooooong time, so I guess I'll 
just clean house now. Consider this wayback-machine, pre-sping cleaning 2012/06/14...
 and some more of this sort are on the way too.

With the DevBlog of rebalancing one ship at a time I had a bathroom idea last night:

Let’s rebalance the whole skill requirement-environment!

Right now a LOT of Tech 2 ships require exorbitant (in my opinion) amount of training, Heavy Interdictors and Command ships come into my mind as two stellar examples, just look at the Damnation:

Bloody hell!

I count no less than six (6) skills that have to be trained to LEVEL 5 in order to get into the bloody ship at the first place! Never mind piloting the damn thing!

Also the Tech 2 equipment requirements are pretty hard (anyone who wanted to train for Tech 2 large weapons will know what I mean), just take a look at the Tachyon Beam Laser II for reference and look at the large list of requirements.

So why is it like this? I mean: think about it, why train level 5 of any skill unless you want to maximise your potential?

With this question in my mind one clear goal emerges in front of my eyes: All Tech 2 items and advanced skills should have their requirements reduced to level 4.

This way, the layout would be simple, almost elegant. The barrier of entry would be lowered and people could get into ships faster than before (Bittervets crying? Shut up, its more meat for the grinder, isn’t it!?).

The overlaying theme then would mould into something like this:

  • Level 1: you know the skill, but you are a rookie (read Basic knowledge)
  • Level 2: you can now use most of the cheaper modules
  • Level 3: now we are getting somewhere (read Standard knowledge)
  • Level 4: you know your stuff (you are Advanced as you have train more than the average)
  • Level 5: you are adept (you are Elite if you will)

This should come across at the meta levels too:

  • Stuff that is meta level 2 or lower should have base requirements in skill: level 1
    -> No explanation needed I think, meta 0 stuff -> civilian stuff and therefore no skill is needed
  • Meta level 3 should need base skill level 2
    -> Meta 3 is a nice balance, between requirements and skills
  • Meta level 4 should have base skill level 3 needed
    -> you can basically fly and use every Tech 1 item, also Pirate/Faction ships and modules
  • Meta level 5 should have base skill level 4
    -> now you can use Tech 2 modules and ships
  • and consequently officer modules need base skill level5
    -> If you have the bucks to buy them you should have the skills to use them, period.

Certificates should mirror this change, by rearranging the basic, standard, advanced, elite for skill levels 1-3-4-5.

What would these changes enable?

This would enable a logical smooth sailing, instead of arbitraty WuT? and WeR? I mean:

EVE is a complex game in and of itself. And I love that. But the complexity of EVE does not need to be in the ‘book keeping’ section of the game (read: name convention, skills, etc.), it should be out there, between Player vs Player interaction.

Just my 2 cents.




Fly safe, as always!


Just a quick idea I wanted to get lose before posting something more interesting…

0.0 Sec is broken, the idea that CCP had was a good start but they did not reiterate on it, so its almost as good as the good old POS fights (remember those?) I just had a light-bulb light up in my head, so beware.

So what is (or better, what should be) 0.0? Quick re-cap:

  • A place where players can call their own
  • A place where players can organise themselves in whatever social structures they desire
  • A place where players can cultivate / form they surrounding to their own liking
  • A place where players can build their own empires
  • A place to hide out when needed

Let us expand these:

  1. A place where players can call their own
    Pretty straight forward or is it?
  2. A place where players can organise themselves into whatever social structures they desire
    Social structures… Today the de-facto standard is that alliances are the way to go. Coalitions are just there on a word-to-word basis. Let us say we add that fourth player to the mix: Player, Corporation, Alliance and Coalition!
    Make that a fully in-game supported feature not just ‘I tag you blue, you tag me blue’ – because that is not what those tags are for
  3. A place where players can cultivate / form they surrounding to their own liking
    I am not just talking about POS and stations. Planets! Terraforming! Dust514! Multiple stations in one system!
  4. A place where players can build their own empires
    The iHUBs will become not just a focal point for system control, but become part of the alliance control too!
  5. A place to hide out when needed
    Heavily fortified, one system can become like a fortress of old, where massive armies have to employ battering rams the size of a titan to get through

Let us expand this even more (this is where you should scream 🙂 ):

  1. You possession (territory) is only so big as the space you can hold on a day-to-day basis. You can set up POS wherever you like, use them for ‘ninja-planet-mining’, for staging areas, for home away from home, etc. Setting up a POS is not something you need to ask for allowance. If someone doesn’t like it he can still shoot it.
  2. Stations
    Will behave like a POS (as they are player owned structures too), they can be set up, and even be destroyed (to move a stations around is a neat idea too, that would really be worthy of a half-god capsuleer’s imagination).
    The items stored in these stations will drop if station or a station’s component is destroyed (read: if you destroy/disable a manufacturing component of a station, the items currently in production will fall out in a container – some of them fully manufactured, while others in raw form – depending on the status the run(s) had at the time of destruction).
    Similarly if a station is destroyed, the items stored will drop too – now an emergency evacuation under fire gets a whole new meaning!
    Station owner change WILL invoke a free loot! Take what you can, give nothing back!
  3. You own systems by doing the things below:
    a: you cultivate the iHUB, raise the sov levels
    b: by building structures in system (Customs Office, POS, Stations – this will be in relations to the full space available (# of planets + # of moons vs. # of COs + # of POS + # stations)
    b/2: by defending your possessions!
    c: run missions FOR the current owner (if it is a friendly corporation or NPC)
    d: enforcing system security (read: clearing belts of rats, running sites, etc.)
    e: by destroying ships not affiliated  with your entity (read: Coalition)
    f: by defending the planets
  4. If you do not run stuff in that system the influence rate (read: owner) will change back to contested and then into not owned in 2-1 weeks time respectively
  5. You can hasten this demise in enemy territories by
    a: going in and running sites of your own
    b: destroying enemy possessions (customs offices, POSes, Station components, Stations themselves)
    c: destroying enemy ships
  6. Coalitions are formed by alliances bounding together.
    Standing are derived by this and overrule every set up (read: you Corporation has red with it, but you Coalition has blue ->it is blue!)
  7. System levels are the following:
    Sov level weeks days
    level 5 7 49
    level 4 6 42
    level 3 5 35
    level 2 4 28
    level 1 3 21
    contested 2 14
    not owned 1 7

    Note: the days needed for the level are for the minimum days needed – they can take longer if your corporations are less-than-active or your enemy is busy at work, hindering your progress!

  8. System fortifications will kick in:
    level 1: Stations will be able to lock out non-blue members if it is wished (if they are owned),  Clone vats in stations are accessible now. Every friendly POS in system will receive a 1%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 2: Notification will go out if non-aligned POS is achored. Manufacturing and repair costs are reduced by 5%. Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 2%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 3: Jump Portals are live. Manufacturing and repair costs are reduced by an additinal 10%. Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 3%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 4: Cyno jammers are live, iHUBs become indestructible. Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 4%bonus to hit points, and 1% bonus to fuel consumption
    level 5: Only real, living Headquarters will reach this point! Station components are indestructible. Orbital strikes recieve a 50% donus to spread (read: larger area will be hit). Every friendly POS in system will receive additional 1% bonus to fuel consumption
  9. Constellation Sovereignty will yield and additional 5% bonus to hit points and fuel consumption of POSes
  10. Region Sovereigntywill yield and additional 10% bonus to hit points of POSes
  11. NPC staging areas (Serpentis Prime, etc.) and NPC controlled systems Cannot be switched in owners, but can be affiliated with by doing errands (like running missions) for them.
    Affiliation will unlock similar bonuses like sovereignty level, and will count into Constellation and regional ownership (POS bonuses, cyno jammers, etc.).
    Destroying faction’s assets anywhere in region (read: running sites against them) will reduce affiliation level.
    If players lose the affiliation, every station erected during that time in NPC systems will go to the respective faction and will be accessible to everyone (but no free loot!)

Again the credo of : You possession is only so big as the space you can hold   holds true. This will have a very competitive and interesting landscape.

Just my 5 cents (and not fifty!)

Fly safe!