Not really but today – after posting yesterday’s “we are doomed” – I came across some interesting articles about what some people are up to. (I know I am so yesterday…)

So here is another video:

As Planetary Interaction is BIG in EVE I became curious about that the hell they are up to.

monm monm monm  nice asteroid, I'll take it!

Turns out Planetary Resources is behind this. Backed with some heavyweight investors like Charles Simonyi, Larry Page, John C. Whitehead and others they are bent on exploring and excavating asteroids in space. YAY!

Seems like we might not go extinct after all, but don’t hold your breath! 😉

The legal issues are pretty interesting philosophically too: space is everyone’s but you can mine and therefore in effect own planetary bodies. (note to self: I must get my family a nice rock for future prosperity… my Girlfriend’s first question will be: do they also come in deep blue? ohh boy…)

Article links:
Planetary Resources home page: http://www.planetaryresources.com/




Fly safe!