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I just thought about a reason why SETI might frankly be a waste of time (although quite a good one):

Probably most civilizations (ours is not exempt from this) in time reach a barrier that I would like to call the CR barrier (namely: Consumed Resources Barrier – ©by me). This barrier represents the resources on the original planet of said civilization that can be effectively / efficiently reached, harvested and processed. As civilizations grow so does the demand for these resources. But unless innovation has enough time to figure out a way to spread said civilization (over to other planets) before the hard limit of what the original planet has on resources kicks in this limit will begin to hamper and in the end revert growth back to a primitive pre-resource using state.

In short: if a civilization’s innovation hasn’t got enough time to invent feasible space travel within their respective solar system, they will probably simply run out of resources (iron, phosphor, methane, aluminium, titan, hidrogen, etcetera) by the time invention catches up.

Forget Godzilla, forget middle east or any nuclear crisis. This is the real doomsday situation and it is more probable than Earth meeting with an asteroid of 20km in diameter or with anything I listed a sentence before.

IMHO there is a real possibility that the reason why we do not hear alien radio transmissions is because they have disassembled their (radio) dishes some 10 million years ago to use the minerals… in their new car that ran out of fuel the second day it was used. Hence they have – by this time – reverted back to a primitive tribal society using sticks and stones. And the wonders of old are nothing more than myths. Myths of people flying, people diving in the sea for hours, days… and they say: yeah, come on! How could we have done that?

Think about it…

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Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEMq_ux4q4w&feature=g-hist&context=G2b3710dAHT5Z2pAABAA
Article about us getting doomed by 2030′: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/Looking-Back-on-the-Limits-of-Growth.html#

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