The reason why I published my old skill revamp post was partially because I have 6 more things on my draft board (duh!) and partially because CCP is finally at it – doing real work in skill maps.

And also because I found a nice post that fits in with my previous idea quite nicely so read these lines in this order:

  1. My old skill revamp post:
  2. CCP’ idea of a redo:
  3. This post: (wait, I’ll copy-paste it in here!)
Quote: tasman devil 

"I know I will be probably ignored but I just cannot let this go past without me saying my mind about it.The whole refurbishing of the skill groups sounds nice, but...
Let us have a look at what my problems with this reorganisation is:
 Electronic Systems
 Ship Modifications
 Are all related to ships and ship fitting one way or another.
 Plus PI has already its own group, but now they will be a part of another skill group –read: they just dump PI into another group while at the same time clearly stating that they want every one of those groups to have a ground of their own – sounds either hypocrite or not really thought out for me, you’ll be the judge on that! :P
So what SHOULD we do?
 If you dig deep, really deep down there are three core elements of the skill sets:
 1: Productions one way or another (production/invention/exploration, etc)
 2: Ship commands one way or another (pvp/pve)
 3: Character managements one way or another (implants, leadership, /corp/ally management, etc.)
 So how can we benefit from this? - By enabling sub-categories to emerge!
 It is really not a difficult thing but would enable to have a logical build-up of skills:
Spaceship Command ALL T1 ship command skills
 ├ Advanced Spaceship Command (Tech 2 ship command skills)
 ├ Armour Management (Armour skills)
 ├ Drone Management (Drone skills)
 ├ Electronic Systems Management (CPU skills)
 ├ Electronic Warfare Management (EW / Anti-EW skills)
 ├ Engineering Management (PG skills)
 ├ Gunnery Management (Gunnery skills)
 ├ Missiles Management (Missile skills)
 ├ Navigation Management (Navigation skills)
 ├ Shield Management (Shield skills)
 ├ Ship Modifications (Rigs and T3 subsystems skills)
Pilot Enhancement (Clone skills)
 ├ Corporation Management (Corporation stuff (NO POS!))
 ├ Neural Enhancement (Implants and boosters)
 ├ Leadership Enhancement (Leadership skills)
 ├ Social Relations (Social skills)
Science (Generic Science skills)
 ├ Production (Manufacturing skills)
 ├ Research (Invention, hacking, salvaging)
 ├ Planetary and Personal Production (PI and POS skills)
 ├ Resource Processing (Reprocess)
 ├ Resource Harvesting (Mining)
 ├ Trade Management (Trade skills)
I try to clear the dust a little:
Ship Commands: Everything related to ships (read: skills that affect ship properties when trained), basic command and module enabling skills go into here (odd one out for example: bubbles as they require anchoring which will be in Science in this new order)
Pilot Enhancements: Everything related to having a better performing character and cross-character relations. Implants, boosters, corporations skills, social standing. (read everything that affects the CHARACTER and/or the player – and the player relations)
Science: Here goes everything related to acquiring stuff. (read: building stuff, erecting stuff (POS, Station), mining stuff, looting stuff, trading stuff etc).

This idea of breaking up the traditions and going with sub-categories like we have in pretty much everything else in EVE pretty much nails it for me. This would be a logical, clear and intuitive alternative to the jungle we have today.

Because I believe that EVE is complex enough in and of itself, we do not need to make it unnecessarily complex in areas that are because EVE’s real complexity comes from player-player interaction and not  old legacy stuff that was and is in the game because ‘it was always like this’.

Fly safe!