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What if – Skill revamp (part two)

The reason why I published my old skill revamp post was partially because I have 6 more things on my draft board (duh!) and partially because CCP is finally at it – doing real work in skill maps.

And also because I found a nice post that fits in with my previous idea quite nicely so read these lines in this order:

  1. My old skill revamp post: https://lifeofzenith.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/what-if-part-two-skill-revamp/
  2. CCP’ idea of a redo: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3294790#post3294790
  3. This post: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3299772#post3299772 (wait, I’ll copy-paste it in here!)
Quote: tasman devil 

"I know I will be probably ignored but I just cannot let this go past without me saying my mind about it.The whole refurbishing of the skill groups sounds nice, but...
Let us have a look at what my problems with this reorganisation is:
 Electronic Systems
 Ship Modifications
 Are all related to ships and ship fitting one way or another.
 Plus PI has already its own group, but now they will be a part of another skill group –read: they just dump PI into another group while at the same time clearly stating that they want every one of those groups to have a ground of their own – sounds either hypocrite or not really thought out for me, you’ll be the judge on that! :P
So what SHOULD we do?
 If you dig deep, really deep down there are three core elements of the skill sets:
 1: Productions one way or another (production/invention/exploration, etc)
 2: Ship commands one way or another (pvp/pve)
 3: Character managements one way or another (implants, leadership, /corp/ally management, etc.)
 So how can we benefit from this? - By enabling sub-categories to emerge!
 It is really not a difficult thing but would enable to have a logical build-up of skills:
Spaceship Command ALL T1 ship command skills
 ├ Advanced Spaceship Command (Tech 2 ship command skills)
 ├ Armour Management (Armour skills)
 ├ Drone Management (Drone skills)
 ├ Electronic Systems Management (CPU skills)
 ├ Electronic Warfare Management (EW / Anti-EW skills)
 ├ Engineering Management (PG skills)
 ├ Gunnery Management (Gunnery skills)
 ├ Missiles Management (Missile skills)
 ├ Navigation Management (Navigation skills)
 ├ Shield Management (Shield skills)
 ├ Ship Modifications (Rigs and T3 subsystems skills)
Pilot Enhancement (Clone skills)
 ├ Corporation Management (Corporation stuff (NO POS!))
 ├ Neural Enhancement (Implants and boosters)
 ├ Leadership Enhancement (Leadership skills)
 ├ Social Relations (Social skills)
Science (Generic Science skills)
 ├ Production (Manufacturing skills)
 ├ Research (Invention, hacking, salvaging)
 ├ Planetary and Personal Production (PI and POS skills)
 ├ Resource Processing (Reprocess)
 ├ Resource Harvesting (Mining)
 ├ Trade Management (Trade skills)
I try to clear the dust a little:
Ship Commands: Everything related to ships (read: skills that affect ship properties when trained), basic command and module enabling skills go into here (odd one out for example: bubbles as they require anchoring which will be in Science in this new order)
Pilot Enhancements: Everything related to having a better performing character and cross-character relations. Implants, boosters, corporations skills, social standing. (read everything that affects the CHARACTER and/or the player – and the player relations)
Science: Here goes everything related to acquiring stuff. (read: building stuff, erecting stuff (POS, Station), mining stuff, looting stuff, trading stuff etc).

This idea of breaking up the traditions and going with sub-categories like we have in pretty much everything else in EVE pretty much nails it for me. This would be a logical, clear and intuitive alternative to the jungle we have today.

Because I believe that EVE is complex enough in and of itself, we do not need to make it unnecessarily complex in areas that are because EVE’s real complexity comes from player-player interaction and not  old legacy stuff that was and is in the game because ‘it was always like this’.

Fly safe!


Disclaimer: This post has been on the drawing board for a loooooong time, so I guess I'll 
just clean house now. Consider this wayback-machine, pre-sping cleaning 2012/06/14...
 and some more of this sort are on the way too.

With the DevBlog of rebalancing one ship at a time I had a bathroom idea last night:

Let’s rebalance the whole skill requirement-environment!

Right now a LOT of Tech 2 ships require exorbitant (in my opinion) amount of training, Heavy Interdictors and Command ships come into my mind as two stellar examples, just look at the Damnation:

Bloody hell!

I count no less than six (6) skills that have to be trained to LEVEL 5 in order to get into the bloody ship at the first place! Never mind piloting the damn thing!

Also the Tech 2 equipment requirements are pretty hard (anyone who wanted to train for Tech 2 large weapons will know what I mean), just take a look at the Tachyon Beam Laser II for reference and look at the large list of requirements.

So why is it like this? I mean: think about it, why train level 5 of any skill unless you want to maximise your potential?

With this question in my mind one clear goal emerges in front of my eyes: All Tech 2 items and advanced skills should have their requirements reduced to level 4.

This way, the layout would be simple, almost elegant. The barrier of entry would be lowered and people could get into ships faster than before (Bittervets crying? Shut up, its more meat for the grinder, isn’t it!?).

The overlaying theme then would mould into something like this:

  • Level 1: you know the skill, but you are a rookie (read Basic knowledge)
  • Level 2: you can now use most of the cheaper modules
  • Level 3: now we are getting somewhere (read Standard knowledge)
  • Level 4: you know your stuff (you are Advanced as you have train more than the average)
  • Level 5: you are adept (you are Elite if you will)

This should come across at the meta levels too:

  • Stuff that is meta level 2 or lower should have base requirements in skill: level 1
    -> No explanation needed I think, meta 0 stuff -> civilian stuff and therefore no skill is needed
  • Meta level 3 should need base skill level 2
    -> Meta 3 is a nice balance, between requirements and skills
  • Meta level 4 should have base skill level 3 needed
    -> you can basically fly and use every Tech 1 item, also Pirate/Faction ships and modules
  • Meta level 5 should have base skill level 4
    -> now you can use Tech 2 modules and ships
  • and consequently officer modules need base skill level5
    -> If you have the bucks to buy them you should have the skills to use them, period.

Certificates should mirror this change, by rearranging the basic, standard, advanced, elite for skill levels 1-3-4-5.

What would these changes enable?

This would enable a logical smooth sailing, instead of arbitraty WuT? and WeR? I mean:

EVE is a complex game in and of itself. And I love that. But the complexity of EVE does not need to be in the ‘book keeping’ section of the game (read: name convention, skills, etc.), it should be out there, between Player vs Player interaction.

Just my 2 cents.




Fly safe, as always!