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So, another week has gone by and even with my limited time I’ve managed to get hold of the next tank in the German TD line:

Germany-JagdPzIV.pngEnter Mr. Jagd Panzer – the fourth!

What can I say about this tank? Nothing good really. Being in it I encounter once again the feeling of old: everyone is bigger and tougher than me. Ok not everyone but still, JP-IV is getting thrown in into battles of tier 7 to tier 10. Having a sub-par equipment by stock settings this can get real ugly. You will have the best chances with the tier 7 gun, the 8,8 cm PaK 36 L/56 but in order to be able to fit that, you must first either get the improved suspension or fit the Additional Grousers which will cost you 200.000 credits and is not-demountable – unless you are willing to spend gold. Because of this you will suck for the first 10-15 matches. And unfortunately there  is no way around it, so you/we must deal with it.

Apart from that – and once you have yourself fully upgraded – it is quite a formidable foe to face: only slightly larger than the StuG III and almost as maneuverable. With it’s sloped frontal armour and twice the health of the StuG III it can suck up some serious abuse (I had Steel Wall with it on the third game – not that I am particularly proud of that achievement: if a German TD gets this reward it only means that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time: detected and shot at. And only got lucky and managed to get away alive).

So what can you fit on this piece of … challenging equipment?

I hope that this helps!

T(h)ank a LOT!


So, after maxing out my Hetzer after 68 battles (actually I maxed it out at/around 50 battles, but lacked the cash to buy my new baby) I have finally managed to get hold of the StuG III:


(TierTier 05 icon.pngTD)


Actually I have managed to get hold of it on Sunday, and right now (Wednesday, as I write this blog) after 39 battles I already have 2/3 of the xp required for the JagdPZ IV (with everything else already researched). So all in all this was a very successful weekend and week begin. After this, Sunday will never be the same again,  it’s Stunday and Stugday from now on… 🙂

Funny thing is, that visually the StugIII is almost twice the width of the Hetzer. Especially with the added side plates I kind of feel like driving a Hetzer box with the widest side facing front. I know that the Stug III is more long than wide but the perception is there.  *insert Yoda woice* Funny TD, this StugIII is.

My current record is 5 kills with win and survive. Also my furthest kill is now 650 meters with the 7,5 cm StuK 42 L/70. And I got so many elite/exceptional gunner/driver awards that I stopped counting. Ok, I took a look and the toll is: Mastery Badge II. class, sniper (5), Sharpshooter (24), Master Gunner (15),  Reaper (3) and Kay’s Medal Class III, but I’ll recheck that once I get back in game and update this (UPDATED).  I moved my crew from the Hetzer to this TD. This might seem strange because I cost 800 golds to re-train a crew to 100% on the new vehicle. And this is the exact ammount you will have to pay if you want to buy new ones but the reason is simple: right now they have 70% of the perk Brothers in Arms. Their training would be in vain if I did not carry them through (remember what I said about ‘the long run’ in Hetzer? This is where it will come to play).

If anyone would like to know, my Stug III looks like this:


T(h)ank a lot!

Hi there!

A couple of words and warnings in advance:

1: No, I didn't quit EVE, I think I never will - not voluntarily at least!
2: Having my free-to-game time reduced down to almost nothing (1- ONE hour) EVE is really no longer an option.
3: The fits I am going to cover here are work in progress. I will update them as time goes by and I accumulate more experience.

Now with this out of the way let’s rumble in the jungle.

I have toyed with this game with people who I play with since NavyField (oh, yeah I played that too!) and of course I am playing with them in EVE too, I think that this game is a perfect example of how to really run a micro-transaction game (although at a minimum of 5 EUR/GBP for golds I think that is more Macro than Micro).

Subscription numbers skyrocketed since launch and are as high as ever (wish I could say that about EVE too). I am with the German TD line and have had a LOT of fun, going low-tier and TD. I know… I AM strange. Even now, well after beta I think that the best (read: most fun) fights are had at low tiers. At upper tiers the whole thing gets too serious too soon. With some people getting an aura of self-important bigottry driving around considering themselves tactical geniuses and commanding others even though they died in the first assault. And I can’t really stomach that.

I consider myself a fairly casual gamer as the general time I spend playing per day is now down to 1 (ONE) hour. Still I try to get the best out of it and WoT gives me unrivalled bang for the bucks in that respect. No, EVE cannot even hope to compete.

Having played so much at low tiers I suddenly realised that I have 10k free xp to shed somewhere and I am still in a Marder II so I made the leap I have made in beta too:

Hetzers gonna Hetz!
Enter the Hetzer

This little beast was my favourite in beta. In forums it received so much heat and hate (I love this anagram) from players that I almost considered jumping it over to get to the real juicy part of playing a StuG III . But I thought I’ll give it a change. And I must say, I am happy !

It IS hard to win with a Hetzer, it IS hard to stay alive in a Hetzer, it IS hard to do real damage in a Hetzer againts higher tier opponents. But boy! You will learn the ropes to be a good TD pilot with this thing. Hetzer’s gonna Hetz!

My word of advice to players: be ready to die. A lot. As per default matchmaking settings Hetzer is assingned to fights that are higher tiers and therefore you will face big monsters that can and will oneshot you. As EVE players say: HTFU.

There are basically two way to go with a Hetzer and I think most flame comes from people not realising this or mixing it up (trying to do both at the same time) or choosing the one that does not fit their play style and force the one for the latter and get upset failing. These two play styles are:

  1. Sniper Hetzer with the 7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48 fitted
  2. Brawler Hetzer with the 10,5 cm StuH 42 L/28 fitted.

This might seem surprising to some (don’t laugh, it is!) but the two don’t mix. You cannot really brawl with the low damage of the 75mm PaK 39 and you cannot really snipe with the shotgun accuracy of the 105mm StuH. If you try one on the other you will probably fail.

In my opinion the Sniper Hetzer is supperior to the Brawler Hetzer as by design a TD (Tank Destroyer) has poor manoeuvring ability and poor side armour. Which also means that if you go with the brawl you will not be playing the tanks strengths but exposing it’s weaknesses.

For those that want to give the Hetzer a try I strongly suggest that you go with 100% crews from the get go. You can argue about this but fact is: by design this game is only fun if you are willing to throw money at it. You can play for free but it will be like a pizza with sluggish toppings. You will miss the whole package. I also suggest that you go for  Brothers in Arms perk first. While this may be counter-intuitive for some, it is actually better to have this support perk maxed out and then move on to the not-role-specific skills. Being the first perk it trains the fastest, and if you are planing to use this TD even after you have reached Elite status then this forethought will help you greatly when you enable the accelerated crew training. While – in the current 7.3 game version – it does not add to the role specific perks and skills like Deadeye or Snapshot it does adds 5% to the non-role specific skill you’ll train second (from where I stand now, that would be camouflage for this TD – but this could change).

Suggested settings by me:

  1. For the Sniper Hetzer with the 7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48 fitted you should go with
    Camouflage NetMedium-Caliber Tank Gun RammerBinocular Telescope with consideration Enhanced Gun Laying Drive or Improved Ventilation Class 1 for the last (Binocular) slot.
  2. For the Brawler Hetzer with the 10,5 cm StuH 42 L/28 fitted you should go with
    Camouflage NetMedium-Caliber Tank Gun RammerImproved Ventilation Class 1 with consideration for "Wet" Ammo Rack Class 1 and Toolbox for the last slot (although imho the toolbox is a waste for this tank, but it’s demountable so why not?).

So basically the 105mm is “for show” as one friend of mine put it. You can one shot enemies up to tier4 but for the pro there is mostly one way to go: 75mmPak 39 L/48 and camouflage all the way. Driving carefully and sniping whenever/wherever you can.

Links to look at:

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T(h)ank a lot!